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The sacred geometry is a method for understanding spatial relationships of images and colors within the religious icons. This teaching is an essential part of an Iconographer’s training of Christian Religious Icons. For more information about icons please visit our website at


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New Christian Icons

Icon Painting Classes Near You:

Icon Painting Classes Near You


Icon writing classes are a way to an introduction to the traditional Christian iconography. The students are taught the everlasting universal structure in spiritual focused atmosphere. They are not allowed to listen music or chat with their friend during class. Though the fundamental geometry is the basis of all icon making but the learner has to go utmost slow in learning all steps deeply.


The icon writing classes not only make them good iconographer but tremendous patience emerges in their behavior that guides them to surrender to supreme power. The students realize that they are a soul and all materialistic pleasures are just temptations. It gradually leads to inner peace .

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