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Sacred geometry is the foundation of good compositions in Christian Religious Icons. The principle of harmony and design has been given importance since ancient Greek civilization. Icons are not just the art of drawing but they are God’s Word in visual form. It is a way to follow the message of Christ in our daily lives. For any query, visit the website at


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Holy Icons originated in the very early centuries of Christianity, hundreds of years before the great schism that separated the Eastern Church from the Western Church. Today, new Christian icons are being painted by Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants.

The coherence of icon classes:

The coherence of icon classes


The rationale behind Icon classes to encourage digital addicted young generation to leave daily responsibilities aside and spend fabulous time in reconnecting with god in prayer. An effort to sustain harmony and design drives away the toxics in mind and reminds us the purpose of coming on this earth. It appeals that our continuous fellowship with Christ keeps us balanced in sorrow times and guide us to take that sadly moment an examination by the supreme power.


Generally an egg tempera icon for an icon of Mother Mary consumes 30 hours of an artist and therefore an intense patience is created in his/her mind. It is a deed to follow symmetry and surrender to the supreme power.

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