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Chris David Rosenthal is quite familiar with the marketing trends and consequently, he has the right knowledge on the subject of different sectors of the industry. His ability to develop and implement the planned strategies is unmatched. To know more about him visit his official site


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1 Chris Rosenthal P r e s i d e n t P o r t f o l i o M a n a g e r H e a d T r a d e r a t M u n i c i p a l P o r t f o l i o M a n a g e r s I n c .

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3 David Sklaver Chris Rosenthal is a valuable and inventive Senior Executive and Fixed Income Specialist who is familiar with all areas of municipal bonds with multiple years of experience in unconstrained value investing.

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4 David Sklaver Chris David Rosenthal has incomparable presentation abilities by means of which he offers the firm’s investment approach client performance current client holdings and credit analysis to high net worth clients and professional partnerships.

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5 David Sklaver Chris D Rosenthal has massive knowledge in terms of the identification of the market inclinations and relative value.

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6 David Sklaver In addition to it he collects and distribute all the valued and needed data to the investment team and highlights the possible market moving events and how this treasured information can facilitate in the purchase as well as sale opportunities.

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7 David Sklaver Chris David Rosenthal is working at Municipal Portfolio Managers Inc. Atlanta GA as president portfolio managers head traders at the present time.

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8 David Sklaver He has the teamwork capacities by means of which he cooperates with the other members. Moreover he supervises a team of five professionals in the supervision of 135+ municipal bond accounts.

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9 David Sklaver Chris D Rosenthal knows the techniques to distribute all market shades and direction to clients and professional businesses.

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