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Welcome, Fifth-Graders!:

Welcome, Fifth-Graders! 2014-2015 School Year Mathematics Unit Christopher Moore, Instructor

My Educational Philosophy:

My Educational Philosophy Willingness to learn Have fun while learning Capable of applying themselves Support system

Attendance Policy:

Attendance Policy In order for a student to gain the most out of what is being taught, they must be here every day. 20% or less is the amount of class sessions allowed to be missed. Excused absences - must have doctor’s excuse, or family emergency (must be confirmed by parent) Unexcused absences – no valid excuse It is important for every student to be on time.

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale Absolute grading 92 – 100 = “A” 91 – 85 = “B” 84 – 75 = “C” 74 – 70 = “D” 69 or lower = “F” I expect every student to get an …


Homework All homework must be completed and turned in – no exceptions! Late homework is not accepted after two days, unless there is consecutive days of absence. If there is a consecutive days of absence in a row, then student may turn in all homework assignments at once upon return to class. If student was unable to obtain homework assignment for days missed, a make-up packet will be given upon receipt of doctor’s excuse or parent confirmation of illness.

First 5 Minutes of Class:

First 5 Minutes of Class Will consist of a “Do Now” assignment. Will cover previous lesson or homework assignment. Students will be assigned a specific task until time expires for “Do Now” assignment. Will be done every day.

Late Assignments:

Late Assignments There is a two-day waiting period on all late assignments and projects. If a sickness occurs, a doctor’s excuse or parent’s note may be accepted for consideration. Parents may be contacted for verification of note.

Pop Quizzes and Tests:

Pop Quizzes and Tests Pop Quizzes may be given without notice. Tests are given at the beginning of every new week after each unit – primarily on Mondays or Tuesdays Students are given the weekend before the test to prepare. Test days are subject to change.

Words That Describe Me:

Words That Describe Me Caring Supportive Respectful Compassionate Honest Encouraging

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