Different Types of Led lights and its uses

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Introduction An LED or Light Emitting Diode is semiconductor device which give better illumination with low power consumption. HPLED lights are quickly replacing fluorescent and incandescent lights whereas super-flux LED lights are used in street signs and billboard advertising for maximum light emission. To buy LED lights first look for brightness light appearance and color rendering to decorate your home. Advantage of using LED lights  Low Power Consumption  Small Size  Fast Switching  Physically Robust  Long Lasting Different Types of LED Lights There are various types of LED Lights available in the market that satisfies need of everyone.  LED Spot Lights  LED Down Lights  LED Step Lights  LED Strip Lights DIFFERENT TYPES OF LED LIGHTS AND ITS USES DIFFERENT TYPES OF LED LIGHTS AND ITS USES

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LED Spot Lights LED Spotlights is a highly condensed lamp. Buying outdoor led spotlight is a luminaire which equipped with high concentration of light. The ceiling for spotlight installation is 6-8 centimeters. LED Spotlight is mainly used for special lighting such as television walls hanging pictures and decorations. The spotlight cannot be used for short distance irradiation on wool fabric or installed near the flammable obstacles otherwise it is easy to cause fire. Spotlights are more expensive when compared to downlights. Get Round led spotlights from our led spotlight suppliers dealers and distributors in India. Buy round led spot light LED Down Lights led downlight is a luminaire whose light is concentrated it is commonly used for general lighting ceiling lighting or auxiliary illumination such as in corridor bedroom periphery and living room periphery. The ceiling for downlight cutout is 2inch 2.5inch and 3inch. Downlights is used when there is no chandelier lights or ceiling lights people should use it for lighting when the ceiling is 150mm or above from the floor. LED Square Round Downlights is very less expensive. Downlights are helpful for those who own big showrooms to spot out their products to attract more customers. led square down lights

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LED Step Lights LED steplights or LED stair light is energy efficient long lasting and able to run on low voltage. Lighting with steplight is a good choice for stairways for both outdoor and indoor LED steplights. Use steplights as recessed lights in the walls down near the steps or near the ceiling shining down on the stairs. outdoor led stair lights LED Strip Lights LED strip light is environmentally friendly reduce electricity bill. LED Strip light is 95 efficient than regular light bulb. If you want to establish an energy-efficient home consider using outdoor and indoor LED strip lights and bulbs instead of using incandescent lights. Eleczo is the top leading Industrial outdoor and indoor LED strip lights online from our leading led strip light dealers suppliers distributors at best discounted price in India. Get a decorative strip lights price list from us. outdoor led strip lights

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