exploring web 2.0: durham university consulting society


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Exploring Web 2.0 Opportunities for a University society.


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Exploring New Opportunities:Web 2.0 : 

Exploring New Opportunities:Web 2.0

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Exploring Social Media

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Creating and maintaining relationships Improving internal communications Sustainability Increasing and managing members

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Creating & Maintaining Relationships

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Improving Internal Communications

Increasing and Managing Members : 

Increasing and Managing Members

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Benefits Analysis

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Change & Implementation Analysis

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Risks & Drawbacks of Web 2.0

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Source: Ward & Daniel, (2005), Benefits Management, p. 81: fig 2.7 Customer Intimacy SUCCESS PROSPERITY Operational Excellence Product Leadership SURVIVAL Our Project’s Scope

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Source: Ward & Daniel, (2005), Benefits Management, p. 84: fig 2.9 IT & Change Portfolio Positioning

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Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com LinkedIn:www.linkedin.com Wordpress: www.wordpress.com Google Analytics:www.google.com/analytics Blackboard Learn:www.blackboard.com Salesforce: www.salesforce.com Ward, J. & Daniel, E. (2005) Benefits Management. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd Treacy, M. &Wiersema, F. (2000) Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines. Harvard Business Review. 71(1), pp.84-93. Rigby, D &Ledingham, D (2004) CRM Done Right. Harvard Business Review. 82(11), pp. 118-129 Bibliography

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