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Suntrust: Improvement :

Suntrust : Improvement Chris Long

Significance of Improving A company:

Significance of Improving A company Create a new, better image Stand out from competitors Attract new customers

Design features/Format of Suntrust:

Design features/Format of Suntrust Symbolized by the Sun (but where is the sun?) Bland color scheme False advertisement

Suntrust’s Brand Message:

Suntrust’s Brand Message Difficult to find “An organization driven by purpose and personal touch”

Suntrust Statement Video:

Suntrust Statement Video https://

Reconstruction of the writing style:

Reconstruction of the writing style Direct, P lain English Not informative enough Professional writing that needs a clearer directive

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths and Weaknesses Weakness- One of SunTrust’s slogans “You Can’t Buy Financial Confidence” Strength- Strong use of Plain English

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