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Nike to sponsor real madrid C.f.:

Nike to sponsor real madrid C.f. By: Christopher Navarrete

Situation analysis:

Situation analysis Internal Create a product that matches customer’s needs Brand recognition Brand awareness Market control Customer Understand what customers desire Spectator or participant? External Compete against Adidas Adizero technology

SWOT analysis:

SWOT analysis Strengths Well known within sports industry Strong market position Already affiliated with top athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo Weaknesses Compete against ourselves Too much control? Opportunities Brand expansion Innovative marketing strategies Lifestyle Threats Competition

Marketing goals and objectives:

Marketing goals and objectives Goals Increase retail sales Increase brand exposure Objectives Increase domestic retail sales by 5% Increase brand exposure by having the idea of making Real Madrid a lifestlye


Competitive advantage? Victory will speak for itself

Marketing strategy & marketing mix:

Marketing strategy & marketing mix Advertising Nike merchandise Main marketing is using Cristiano Ronaldo

Marketing exampleS:

Marketing exampleS



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