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This is a student project created by four graduate students in the Library and Information Studies program at the University of Oklahoma. It is in no way affiliated with the Metropolitan Library System or the Ronald J. Norick Library.


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Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library Marketing Plan

Executive Summary:

Executive Summary The Downtown Library is developing a full-scale, in-depth marketing plan designed to attract more 18-35 year olds to frequent and take advantage of our myriad of services.

Downtown Library:

Downtown Library The Ronald J. Norick Downtown library is one of 12 full service branches. Total expenditures for FY 07-08 was $24,261,308.24. Books comprise 77.80% of the collection. Children make up 59% of programming attendance, adults 14%, all ages 15%, teens 8%, and seniors 4%.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Strengths Broad range of media connections Located in a major metropolitan area Have a logo in place Marketing and Communications Department Large Marketing budget Large, new, beautiful facility

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Weaknesses Lack of tools for reaching into new demographic areas Lack of cohesive look/style for Metro advertising Lack of public knowledge of Metro's databases, e-books, downloadable audio, and other services Not a lot of residential area around the downtown library

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Opportunities Web traffic is up Lots of opportunity for growth Reaching new readers through e-books and Audio-books available for download The Downtown library could attract new groups with its beautiful facility

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Threats Parking Issues Downtown area can be confusing Lots of other cultural opportunities in town Widespread advertising by Pioneer library system

Media Price List:

Media Price List A standard rate for a junior page black and white ad at the Gazette  $740 MetroFamily magazine full page color ad: $1100 Radio advertising runs about $20 per :30s spot for KJ103 & up to $100 for KMGL104 TV: early morning on Channel 4,5,or 9 (5-6am) is about $100 per :30s. To run during the Today show on Ch4 - $300. Cable TV varies depending on the channel - Discovery Channel is about $40 for :30s & up to $100 for TNT

Marketing Plan Budget:

Marketing Plan Budget

Art and Writing Contest Facebook Event:

Art and Writing Contest Facebook Event

Art and Writing Contest Invitation:

Art and Writing Contest Invitation

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition:

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition Many artists are inspired to paint, write, draw, or design by the stories and ideas they encounter in books. To highlight the interaction between books and art, the Metropolitan Library is sponsoring a creativity competition for adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Entries will be accepted from October 5, 2009 to January 6, 2010. Winning entries will be announced at a reception at the Downtown Library on January 31, 2010 and displayed through the month of February. Entries will be judged on artistic merit and relevance to the theme.

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition:

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition Rules and Procedures All participants must be between the ages of 18 – 35 as of October 5, 2009. All entries should reflect the theme “Books Changed My Life.” There is a $15 dollar judging fee. Checks should be written the Metropolitan Library. All entries must be received by January 6, 2009. All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form All contestants must live within Oklahoma County Categories Prose – 3,000 word limit. Short stories or creative non-fiction will be accepted. Poetry—1,500 word limit. No more than 3 poems. 2-D Art – Any medium. All artists are responsible for picking up and dropping off their artwork. Artwork should be no larger than 36” by 36.” Web Site design – Websites should be compatible with either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition:

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition Prose and Poetry entries and checks should be mailed to: Ronald J. Norrick Downtown Library Attn: Creativity Contest 300 Park Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Web Site entries should be emailed to . Please include the URL of the site along with your names, address, phone number and email address. Checks can be mailed to the Downtown Library (at the above address) or paid in person. All artwork must be delivered to the downtown library by January 6, 2009. All artists are responsible for delivering and picking up their artwork.

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition:

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition “Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition Entry Form Name:________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________ City:________________________ State: _____ Zip Code______________________________ Telephone:____________________________ email:___________________________________ I am submitting an entry in __ Poetry (1,500 word limit, no more than three poems) __ Prose (3,000 word limit, short story or creative non-fiction) __ 2-D Art (36‖x36‖ size limit) __ Website Design _______________

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition:

“Books Changed My Life” Creativity Competition There is a $15 judging fee. Checks should be made out to the Metropolitan Library. Please return this form along with your entry and check to the Downtown Library. Or you may mail your entry, entry form, and check to: Ronald J. Norrick Downtown Library Attn: Creativity Contest 300 Park Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102 I hereby state that I am between the ages of 18 and 35 as of October 6th, 2009. All work submitted to the Metropolitan Library’s ―Books Changed My Life‖ Creativity Competition is my own. Signature: _____________________________________________ Date:

Library Card Sign-Up @ The Paseo Art Walk:

Library Card Sign-Up @ The Paseo Art Walk The Paseo Arts District hosts a monthly art walk the first Friday of every month. This is a wonderful opportunity for the library to connect with potential patrons and promote our “Books Changed My Life” creativity competition. For more information on the Art Walk see . The Paseo Art Walk takes place the first Friday of every month from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The Metropolitan Library will get permission from the Paseo and/or one the galleries to set up a table to promote the library, the Creativity Competition, and sign-up visitors for library cards. Library employees will be available to answer any questions and pass out flyers.

Library Card Sign-Up @ The Paseo Art Walk:

Library Card Sign-Up @ The Paseo Art Walk Stump the Librarian A reference librarian will be on hand with a small collection of reference materials and a laptop to answer any ready reference questions. This could give passers by a reason to approach the table. Supplies Needed card table and chairs library card applications pens and pencils clipboards Creativity Competition Flyers Art Books for Display Metro Library Banner “Stump the Librarian” Sign Reference Books Laptop with WiFi connection

Presentation to Diversity Business Association:

Presentation to Diversity Business Association 1. What the library can do for you! – This presentation is designed to be delivered during one the regular meetings of the Diversity Business Association. The aim of the presentation is to educate the public on the library’s resources and encourage more young professionals to become library patrons.

Presentation to Diversity Business Association:

Presentation to Diversity Business Association 2. Circulating business books in our collection (bring actual copies) Books on marketing using social networks like Twitter Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves . Hyperion, c2009. Computer Manuals Windows 7 Simplified . Wiley Pub., c2009. Entrepreneurship American entrepreneur: the fascinating stories of the people who defined business in the United States , by Larry Schweikart , Lynne Pierson Doti . AMACOM, c2010. Green Business Green business basics: 24 lessons for meeting the challenges of global warming . McGraw-Hill, c2009. Investment guides

Presentation to Diversity Business Association:

Presentation to Diversity Business Association 3. Suggest a Title / Interlibrary Loan – If there is a book you would like to read that is not in our collection you can suggest that the library buy the book for the collection (if the book is in print). You can also use Interlibrary Loan to access books not in our collection 4. Databases – Our databases can be accessed at the library or online at . You must log on with a valid library card to access databases remotely. EBSCO Business Source indexes over 2,300 business journals, many articles available in full-text D&B Million Dollar Database provides business to business marketing information on up 23 million companies Thomas Gale Legal Forms offers access to legal forms including leases, bills of sale, contracts, etc. Value Line provides investment information on stocks, mutual funds, special situations, and convertibles.

Presentation to Diversity Business Association:

Presentation to Diversity Business Association 5. Business Reference Materials Bond’s Franchise Guide (profiles over 1,000 franchises) Dictionary of Business and Management (Oxford Press) emphasis on e-commerce Brands and Their Companies Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives 6. Meeting Room Facilities -- Our beautiful facility has meeting space available for public use. Call 231-8650 for more information or reservations. 7. Lunchtime Downtown – First Edition café is great spot for lunch downtown. Noon tunes concert series on Thursdays at lunchtime. 8. Questions/Comments

Public Service Announcement:

Public Service Announcement 20 Second PSA (Click to listen) PSA Script: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT METROPOLITAN LIBRARY SYSTEM'S DOWNTOWN LIBRARY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:     Joe Smith, Programming Librarian Downtown Library (405) 231- 8650 Continued on next slide

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Slide 25:

Art and Writing Feature Story Feature Story with Photo DOWNTOWN LIBRARY SPONSORS ART AND WRITING COMPETITION OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – December 12, 2009 – The Metropolitan Library System’s Downtown Library does way more than encourage people to read books. The library is playing host to a large, eclectic young artists show. “I’ve submitted two pieces, actually,” said graphic artist Shelby Ridgeway. “It’s so refreshing to find a place to show my work that isn’t open to only art students. I’m outside of the art school scene,” said Ridgeway. Ridgeway’s pieces are graphic designs are just one sample of the kinds of art popping up at the library. Textile artists have made extensive contributions to the so-called “Creativity Competition.” Continued on next slide

Slide 26:

Art and Writing Feature Story “I’m entering a large scale weaving made entirely out of scraps of materials from soldier’s uniforms. It’s been a large undertaking,” said 30-year-old weaver Melissa Burke. Burke, an Ardmore native, found out about the library’s contest from a friend who is a member of the Oklahoma City Art Guild. “The OKC Art Guild and the library have long wanted to collaborate on a project and this seemed to be the perfect time,” said Art Guild president Karen Ray. Though the library initiated the program, finding the right partner was key; the library couldn’t pull this off alone. “The Art Guild heard what we were planning and approached the library to offer its list of contacts, offered to provide judges, and just generally was excited to be involved,” said librarian Joe Smith. Continued on next slide Continued from previous slide

Slide 27:

Art and Writing Feature Story The library hasn’t always been in the art business. For years, lack of exhibit space and other facilities challenges prevented the library from hosting any program even remotely of this size. However, the move to a brand new downtown location in 2004 brought more room and library staff has been plotting a program like this for several years. Why a competition for only young artists? And what makes a young artist? “For the purposes of this competition, young artists are between the ages of 18 and 35,” said Smith. “We want to find traditional and graphic artists as well as writers who were excited about the theme, ‘Books Changed My Life’,” said Smith. Continued on next slide Continued from previous slide

Slide 28:

Art and Writing Feature Story Continued from previous slide “Books definitely changed my life, but not in the way you might think,” said writer Shannon Buckley. “I hated school and reading and all of that for many years. I was a terrible failure.” Buckley dropped out of high school but has since acquired a GED and, no kidding, a publishing deal for her book of short stories that chronicle her painful years in school. “We’ve received over 350 entries already and we’re still accepting entries for the contest until January 6,” said Smith. “It’s really thrilling to see these young artists come out of the woodwork, entries flying in left and right. The library is playing host to the state’s artistic future.” Winners and runners up will be unveiled at a reception hosted by the Downtown Library January 31, 2010.  Entries will be on display for about a month at the library.   For more information about the competition, visit

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Feature Story Photo Photo for Feature Story Photo credit: Flickrs darling005

Movie Night Bookmarks:

Movie Night Bookmarks

Movie Night Flier:

Movie Night Flier

Movie Night Postcard:

Movie Night Postcard

Movie Night Facebook Event:

Movie Night Facebook Event

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Read About It Oklahoma City and Norman Areas on Cox Channel 7 Saturday morning 10:30 a.m. Host: Welcome to Saturday morning Read About It sponsored by the Metropolitan Library System. This morning we have a programming librarian from the Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library here with us. His name is Joe Smith. Good morning, Joe. We’re so glad to have you here today. Programming Librarian: Good morning B.J. Thank you, I’m really glad to be here. Host: I hear that the Downtown Library has a very interesting competition coming up that everyone should know about.

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Programming Librarian: That’s right. We are holding our first ever Creativity Competition for people between the ages 18 and 35. It is a large scale art competition and art show that will allow young people in the community an opportunity to display their artwork in a public place and also compete with other young artists. Host: Why are you hosting this event and is there a theme for the competition? Programming Librarian: We want to highlight the connection between art and books. The theme of the competition is “Books Changed My Life.” For many artists, stories and books inspire them. Many people have expressed to us through the years that reading and books have changed their life. We want to remind people about the power of reading and how it does transform lives. We would like to make the library a more meaningful experience for everyone. .

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Host: That’s wonderful. This sounds like a pretty big endeavor. Do you have any help with this event? Programming Librarian: We are partnering with the Oklahoma City Art Guild. We have wanted to partner with them on a big project for a while, and finding the right partner for this was definitely key. We wouldn’t be able to do this without them. Host: When can people start submitting their artwork? Programming Librarian: We have already starting taking submissions and we will continue to take submission until January 6. Host: What types of artwork are you looking for and what types of medium will be accepted?

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Programming Librarian: Entries can be 2-D art, website design, prose, or poetry. There are some guidelines on each of these categories and the details on the guidelines are available on our website at or people are welcome to call and speak with a librarian to receive detailed information on one of the categories. Host: Do entrants need to have a library card? Do they need to live within the Oklahoma City area to be eligible to enter? Programming Librarian: No, we are leaving the competition open. We actually have some entries from all over the state. The only restriction is the age restriction. We are hosting this competition for people between the ages of 18-35 because we feel that they deserve an opportunity to show off their artistic talents and we wanted to create a venue for them to display their artwork. There is a small judging fee of $15 and an entry form that should be filled out and submitted with their entry.

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Host: I can’t wait to see some of the artwork entered. Is it going to be on display for everyone to see? Programming Librarian: Yes, the artwork will be on display for about a month. So everyone is encouraged to come Downtown and take a look at the artwork during the month of February. Also, we will be hosting a reception to announce the winners and runner-ups of the competition. Everyone is invited to come out to the reception. It will be held on January 31. Host: I’m sure it will be a very difficult task for the judges to decide on a winner. How will they ever choose? Programming Librarian: I’m sure you’re quite right. I’m glad I’m not the one judging. Entries will be judged based on artistic merit and their relevance to the theme. We have some local artists that will be helping judge the competition.

Read About It: Interview:

Read About It: Interview Host: Well, it sounds like a great competition and I can’t wait to see the artwork and attend the reception. Programming Librarian: Thank you, B.J. I hope everyone watching will enter the contest or encourage someone they know to enter. Please come to our reception and art display. If you need any further information remember to call or take a look at our website. Host: Thank you, Joe.

Media Contacts:

Media Contacts The Buzz, KJ 103, Fox Sports Radio, 1000 KTOK Talk, The Twister, 96.1 KXY General Manager Bill Hurley Phone:  405-840-5271 Fax:  405-858--1449 Address:  50 Penn Place Suite 1000 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Oklahoma State University public radio

Media Contacts:

Media Contacts OU public radio - Brian Hardzinski Operations Manager / PSA Director Oklahoma Gazette 3701 N. Shartel , Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 528-6000 Oklahoman Dawn Marks Reporter - Metro Libraries (405) 475-3931

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Printer Quotes

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