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Eye Donation Campaign :

Eye Donation Campaign BY GROUP 1

Truth about eye donation in India:

Truth about eye donation in India India has the largest burden of global blindness . Some 27 million Indians have moderate sight impairment Nine million are classified as bilateral blind. 260,000 children are blind. The number of corneal blind people in India is 4.6 million. Of these, 90 per cent are below 45. They include 60 per cent who are below 12 years of age.

Truth about eye donation in India:

Truth about eye donation in India Looking at the root causes, 66 per cent of the cases are preventable or curable. Out of the 4.6 million people. At least three million can benefit from corneal transplantation.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Eye donation process

The problem for people not donating eyes.:

The problem for people not donating eyes. Eye donation will leave holes in the place where their eyes existed. Blind belief Worrying about the reaction of their relatives or thinking to their decision of Eye Donation. Person with eye problem like Cataract or Glaucoma cannot donate their eyes. Also, the person is very old and hence cannot donate his/her eyes.

Things to remember for Eye Donation:

Things to remember for Eye Donation Eyes should be donated preferably within SIX hours after the death. Switch off fans & keep AC on, if you have one. Close the eye lids gently and keep a moist cloth over eyes. Raise head with a pillow. Nobody is charged for making eye donation. The only cost to encounter is one local telephone call. Face will NOT get disfigured after eye donation. As per the new procedures, only Cornea portion is removed and hence face disfigurement does not happen.


METHODOLOGY Eye Donation Work Shop Eyes bring life to one, as hope brings light to life. Work shop will be conducted for only Cbalcites. The eye donation camp will open for three days where all the interested people can register (including family members) • Work shop of one hour will be conducted. • A Representative of “The Eye Bank of India” will talk about the eye donation and explain its importance. • A video on Eye donation will be played. • Procedure for eye donation will be explained to the students.


MARKETING A5 size posters will be done and will pasted on KLE buses, RLS, Lingraj and other degree colleges in KLE campus. One medium sized banner will be made to hang over the building. For continuous three days from morning 9.00AM to evening 6.00PM a student with registration form and other data will be available near the staff room.

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