Couverture Chocolates vs Compound Chocolates – What Do I Buy


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Couverture chocolate is the chocolate of connoisseurs. It has a smoother, finer texture and is made with pure cocoa butter.


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Couverture Chocolates vs Compound Chocolates – What Do I Buy?:

Couverture Chocolates vs Compound Chocolates – What Do I Buy? Couverture chocolate is the chocolate of connoisseurs. It has a smoother, finer texture and is made with pure cocoa butter. The main ingredients that makeup couverture chocolates are cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. Compound chocolate is an economical variety of chocolate. It is made with cocoa powder, vegetable oils, and a few other ingredients.


Ingredients of Couverture chocolate: • Pure cocoa butter • Chocolate liquor Ingredients of Compound chocolate: • Cocoa powder • Vegetable oils • Sweeteners like sugar, agave, maple or stevia • Nuts • Artificial flavoring


Types of couverture chocolates: • Couverture chocolate This is used for coating truffles and making praline shells. It is made with the choicest cocoa beans and pure cocoa butter. • Ultra-Couverture chocolate This is majorly used by chocolatiers and pastry chefs for making confectioneries. • Gourmet couverture chocolates These are especially hand-crafted by chocolatiers with exquisite ingredients. Popular gourmet flavors are espresso, vanilla, salted caramel, etc.


Difference of taste: • Couverture chocolate Pure chocolate with no additional sugar has a bitter taste. 100 percent cocoa chocolate will taste notably bitter. While 50-70 percent cocoa content will taste less bitter. The tempering process of couverture chocolates gives it a rich texture. • Compound chocolate Darker variety of compound chocolate tastes semi-sweet and can have added refined sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup or stevia. Less-dark variety of compound chocolate can be sweeter in taste with added milk solids and sweeteners. Compound chocolates are creamier in texture.


Types of compound chocolate: • Milk Chocolate It is mixed with milk solids and other flavorings. It can come as chocolate bars, toffees, and pralines. • Baking chocolate This variety of chocolate is exclusively used for baking cakes, muffins, etc. • Unsweetened cocoa powder Dry powdered cocoa chocolate with the cocoa butter removed is used for making hot chocolate and chocolate ganache.


Cake recipes using couverture chocolate • Belgian chocolate cake • Black forest cake • Chocolate Cheesecake • Chocolate chip muffins   Try your favorite chocolate cake for your next birthday from Choko La. You can also choose from their wide range of birthday cake designs for kids and adults. You can also sample some quality couverture chocolates across all Choko La, Delhi NCR outlets. Order cakes and couverture chocolates online in Gurgaon through the Zomato or Swiggy app.


Compound Chocolate can be used for making • Cookies • Muffins • Cakes • Chocolate ganache • Bonbons, Pralines • Chocolate truffles


Variety of couverture chocolates: • Chocolate buttons • Rochers • Nibbles • Pure cacao powder • Cacao nibs • Bars • Liquid couverture chocolate


Health benefits of couverture chocolates: • Loaded with anti-oxidants • Lowers blood pressure • Promotes heart health • Helps to maintain a good lipid profile • Reduces stress by producing dopamine

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