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Presentation on Micro-Business strategies, concepts, and models for caregivers in Maputo, Mozambique Africa


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Great ideas - i would like to know more about your project Ken

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Maputo, Mozambique : 

Maputo, Mozambique Joy Loo Dean Moore Kenneth Shelton Micro-Business Education

Objectives : 

Objectives Provide education on basic business practices Educate on the benefits & limitations of micro-credit business Realize the potential for growth in current businesses Provide successful local and global models

Graphic Organizer : 

Graphic Organizer Micro-Business

Research : 

Research Muhammad Yunus- The founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner for work in micro-credit. Credit for the Poor: Poverty as Distant History

Research : 

Research Teaching Entrepreneurship: Impact of Business Training on Microfinance Clients and Institutions by Dean Karlan and Martin Valdivia Microcredit Summit Campaign Global Financial Education Program The Microfinance Revolution: An Overview

Intervention (Target Audience of Training) : 

Intervention (Target Audience of Training) Care-givers and/or activists of orphaned children in Maputo, Mozambique

Intervention (Lesson Plan) : 

Intervention (Lesson Plan) Business 101 Define business How a business works The marketplace Micro-credit & Business Practices Define micro-credit The benefits and limitations, availability in Maputo Apply to village life, opportunities for growth Local and Global Models Learn from micro-credit failures Learn from micro-credit successes Share success stories in Africa and beyond

Implementation : 

Implementation Location: Local Media Center PowerPoint presentation Training Manuals Discussion Role Playing Field analysis Games and simulations (Freedom from Hunger)

Evaluation : 

Evaluation Training feedback from attendees Micro-credit clients: Before and After New micro-credit clients Reports of clients’ income Evidence of business growth (i.e. increased employment, expansion, etc.) Consistency of loan payment Continual usage of micro-credit

Challenges & Limitations : 

Challenges & Limitations Skepticism of Micro-Credit Lack of follow through from participants Communication with Micro-Finance Institutions (Banks, Lending Institutions, etc.) Limited Training Space Transfer of training knowledge to potential micro-credit clients

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