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Studio Photography:

Studio Photography Chloe Hockney

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Side lighting is present in these images. This occurs when the light source is coming from either side of the photographer. This helps to bring out textures and shapes – in this context, the balloons and silhouette. Furthermore, it adds depth and form to a subject. In addition, a yellow filter was used. This inclusion allowed the photographer to have more control of the image being produced; It was used subtly.

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The specific style of lighting used within this set of images was side lighting. As explained in the previous slide, the light is being emitted by either side of the photographer. Personally, I feel this technique aids the simplistic nature of the auto captured photographs. I like these shots – I especially like the movement of the balloons – but, I do think they could be improved. For instance a close-up may have been more appropriate. It would have excluded unnecessary objects.

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Side lighting is used in this image too. The shape of the horses head is put into focus making it the main attraction. I feel an upper body shot would of improved the image. For the blue background could have been converted into a scene relevant to the prop – like the image below.

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This photograph is an example of back lighting. Areas of the image remain darker whilst certain aspects glow. In this case, the viewer sees the lit silhouette as ‘angelic’ – in other words, good. This technique is great in terms of detail, since it gives you information behind the shot.

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A mixture of props relevant to the characters portrayed would of improved this shot. I feel this could have been better if the form of lighting was addressed and the camera setting wasn’t on auto. TV setting would have been more appropriate and the lighting could have been a back light, so the shape of the silhouettes were more-so appealing.

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Lighting used for this image is low-key. It dramatizes the shot and adds mystery. Striking contrasts are an outcome of reduced lighting; shadows are now the primary element of the composition. This image doesn’t conform to low-key lighting like it should, for light has hit the background. The image is now ‘contaminated.’ Therefore, to improve, the photographer should ensure no light is hitting the back drop. This will add attraction to the main focus.

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