Evolved Technique (MEG) Opens New Dimension of Autism Discovery


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Autism Awareness Month is going to end, but people need to aware of autism more. Autism is incurable still now, but staying up to date on recent findings can help to treat autism not to give it chance to become vital at the later age. An evolved technique (MEG) opens new dimension of Autism Discovery.


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Title: Evolved Technique MEG Opens New Dimension of Autism Discovery April is the autism awareness month and 2 nd April is the Autism Awareness Day. The blue day celebration was done everywhere on 2 nd April instead of making people more aware of autism with the latest findings. So cant we go a little bit scientific with what new things the researchers get We know what the autism is. It is a brain or neuronal disorder which is strongly genetic. Not only that but autism comes with multiple disorders and symptoms. Thats the reason why autism is also named ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism is generally diagnosed by some behavioral norms and they are:  Lack of eye contact  Non-verbal communication  Cognitive disabilities  Repetitive behaviors  Stereotyped behavior But the reality is we cant measure autism / ASD with these 5 listed symptoms as autism cant be bounded with the listed symptoms. Researchers have found that more than 500 genetic variants are responsible for autistic disabilities. So different genetic variants in different autistic people are responsible for their different autistic symptoms. So a symptom cant be identical for all patients or cases. Lets pick a single topic on this Autism Awareness Month to understand what makes the neuronal function complex. Previous studies on neuronal junctions: It is about the brain or neuronal connectivity. Several researches have been done on this topic but results show there are 2 types of abnormalities with the neuronal junctions. A group of studies suggests that an autistic brain has weak connections between 2 brain regions whereas other studies reveal that more synaptic junctions are found in the autistic brains than normal. So the whole thing is becoming complicated day by day. New discovery based on old assumptions: As per current data scientists are now at the point where they are saying that an autistic brain is with both weak and strong neuronal connections. There is something more to say.

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Researchers say that stimulation or the impulses are very strong from the peripheral nerves to an autistic brain. Peripheral nerves are the nerves and ganglia outside the CNS brain and spinal cord. So the long range impulses are very strong for the autistic people. Now what about the short range neuronal signal transduction The short range neuronal signal is found unusually weak for the autistic brains even between the two close brain regions. Study with evolved technique: fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging is the technique that was frequently used to observe the brain activities. The working phenomenon of fMRI is based on the oxygen level in blood of a particulate though this technique was found as insufficient. MEG magnetoencephalography is the evolved one which is now used to track the brain activity by measuring the magnetic fields in the brain. These magnetic fields in brains are generated by making electrical activity in brains. Image courtesy: http://www.to-treat-autism.com A study was done with two groups. One group of 15 people with autism and the other group of 20 control individuals were under MEG. MEG was used to initiate 25-hertz vibration on the finger-tips of each individual. Result: MEG the evolved technique than the technique based on blood oxygen level showed that the autistic people did react differently than the controls. The autistic people were not desensitized to touch them further.

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Solution to get rid of autism: In this Autism Awareness Month everyone must know that autism is incurable and research is still going now on this topic to get the cure. What we can do is we can prevent this neuronal disorder from becoming more serious. The question is how The technique fMRI which is based on blood oxygen level may not be sufficient to observe the patients neuronal activites but more oxygen in blood under high atmospheric pressure of oxygen can reduce the neuronal impairments. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT with specially designed hyperbaric chambers is approved to reduce different traumatic brain injuries. The portable hyperbaric chambers with flash-through system can also be used by an individual himself by installing it at office/ home/ clinic under a medical professionals supervision. Early diagnosis on or before the age of three is necessary to start the treatment as early as possible. Behavioral interventions Language therapy ABA Applied Behavior Analysis are generally advised by the experts and clinicians. It is also reported that HBOT sessions along with the other interventions are found very helpful to treat

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