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Pitch :

Chloe King, Tayla Powell and Nicola Ho Pitch

Summary of our film: :

Summary of our film:

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Institution logo Prologue whilst the credits are running through with an overview of the location. Establishing shot of Snow White in her stereotypical outfit, looking into a hand held mirror, the camera will be zooming in on her reflection ( will be a normal reflection at first, then dissolve into another reflection of scary Snow White.) From the reflection of ‘scary Snow White’, the camera will then see Snow White chucking the hand held mirror to the corner from an over the shoulder shot. Big close-up shot of broken pieces of the cracked mirror.

Slide 6:

Big close-up shot of broken pieces of the cracked mirror will dissolve and fade into a black background. The film title – ‘The black Apple’ will appear on the black background. Fast cuts will be shown of Snow White running in the woods. Loud BANG! And immediately, the screen turns black. Hear a loud munching sound of her biting into an apple. Camera will cut into an extreme close-up shot of Snow White biting into the apple.

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