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Target audience: :

By Tayla Powell, Chloe King and Nicola Ho. Target audience:

Target audience: possible categories:

Teenagers Male Female Students Workers Adults Male Female Different audience classes e.g class A Target audience: possible categories

Determining what audience we will most attract:

Parts of the film we are definitely including: Poisoned apple  this could attract teenagers as this is a famous part of the Disney movie that they would have watched as children. We will include a short audio clip of Snow White from the original Disney Video, talking about the poison within the apple which will slowly die out ending with a loud ‘crash’. This will be audio, meaning the focus will be on a black screen  this could attract teenagers and adults as this is part of the original Disney film which is famous and many people enjoy. Determining what audience we will most attract

Who is the target audience? :

The primary audience are thriller fans as they are the ones it will appeal to. The secondary audience is teenagers or Disney teenage fans as snow white will appeal to them because its Disney and that snow white was a popular film in their childhood. The certificate is a 15, this is because the opening will include violence, blood and physiological aspects. Who is the target audience?

How will we target the audience?:

Ways in which we can target the audience: Marketing - advertising e.g. posters Fictional characters – this applies the uses of gratification theory, as it will allow the audience to escape from their daily grinds. Relatable vocabulary – able to use slang as one of our target audiences is teenagers. Unique storyline - this is our USP as this will be different in comparison to typical thriller/fantasy films. How will we target the audience?

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