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Strokes :

Strokes The Brain Attack


Cause Strokes occur when blood stops flowing to a part of the brain. If the blood stops flowing any longer than only a few seconds, the blood and oxygen it’s carrying don’t arrive into the brain. This causes the brain cells to die, and could cause permanent damage.

Cause (cont.):

Cause (cont.) The blood flow stopping may be caused by a blocked artery called a ischemic stroke, a broken blood vessel, a hemorrhagic stroke, or just a temporary blockage of blood flow (transient ischemic attack).

Ischemic Stroke:

Ischemic Stroke This occurs when something causes the artery to be blocked. About 85% of all strokes are ischemic. Causes Thrombotic This is when a blood clot forms in one of the arteries and causes blockage. Different types of an ischemic stroke Embolic When a blood clot or other debris gets swept into your bloodstream and lodges in narrower brain arteries.

Hemorrhagic Stroke:

Hemorrhagic Stroke This occurs when a blood vessel bursts or ruptures. Causes Intracerebral When a blood vessel in your b rain spills on the surrounding t issue, damaging brain cells. Different types of a hemorrhagic stroke Subarachnoid When an artery on or near the s urface of your brain spills i nto the space between your brain a nd your skull.


Incidence 15,000,000 people worldwide fall victim to strokes. 5,000,000 of those people die, and 5,000,000 of them are permanently damaged.

Prevent strokes!:

Prevent strokes! Don’t smoke Healthy eating Have a healthy weight Be physically active Check your family history for stroke

Risk factors:

Risk factors Uncontrollable Controllable Age Gender Race Previous stroke Fibromuscular dysplasia Hole in heart High blood pressure Atrial Fibrillation High cholesterol Diabetes Atherosclerosis Circulation problems Smoking/tobacco use Alcohol use Physical inactivity Obesity


Treatments Anticoagulants/Antiplatelet – for blood pressure Antihypertensive – for blood pressure Carotid Endarterectomy – for plague blockage Angioplasty/Stents – for plaque blockage

Treatments (cont.):

Treatments (cont.) tPA – ischemic Endovascular procedures – ischemic/hemorrhagic Surgical treatment - hemorrhagic

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