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VOTS Online Bullion Trading Software presentation explains the use of the Online Bullion Trading Software and its features.


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VOTS Bullion Spot Online Trading Software :

VOTS Bullion Spot Online Trading Software By Chirayu Software Solutions 9879625676 9327458577

VOTS Bullion Spot Overview:

VOTS Bullion Spot Overview VOTS Bullion is an Online Trading System for Bullion Spot Market. This application has integrated systematic, transparent and efficient buy-sell mechanism for all wholesellers , jewellers and retailers. This application allows user or client to buy online delivery of Gold and Silver.

VOTS Bullion Benefits:

VOTS Bullion Benefits Online Delivery of Gold and Silver Efficient buy–sell Mechanism for Client Real Indian bullion spot market prices Jewellers can source their supplies directly from the company, at competitive prices.

How VOTS will multiply your business:

How VOTS will multiply your business VOTS will broadcast your Live Rates through out trading hours. Your client need not call you for getting your spot rates. Your client need not call for giving buy/sell orders. Because, clients can punch order online at his convenience. You can expand your business all over India by giving the Spot Terminal to your clients.

How VOTS will change your image:

How VOTS will change your image You can create your own Gold/Silver brand. e.g. PARSHVA GOLD, PARSHVA SILVER It will give you special brand value. Multiple orders can be executed at the same time via online system which increases the volume.


Features The software has two components, one is Admin Server, other is Client Trading Terminals. Admin has following features :    a) Facility to create Login Id and Password.    b) Facility of setting terminal wise limit.    c) Facility to see list of active terminals.    d) Facility to alter/cancel pending orders of any terminal. Facility to put client order at the Admin.    e) Facility to broadcast messages to all trading terminals.    f) View net-position client wise / commodity wise.    g) View trades of all terminals in trade book.    h) View all pending orders of all trading terminals.     i ) To set price parity in comparison with MCX Live price.    j) Delivery marking facility.

Features of Client Trading Terminal:

Features of Client Trading Terminal Client can view live market rates of Bullion. Client can put market order or limit order. Client can view executed trades and pending orders. Client can view historical trades. Client can view net position. Every executed trade will have trade number and trade time. Trading Terminal will be operative as per the trading time set by you. The Trading Terminal will show trading limits, used limits and open limit. Every Trading Terminal will have Login id and Password.

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Screen Shot

Screen Shot:

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Mobile Viewing and Trading Software:

Mobile Viewing and Trading Software We also have Mobile app for iPhone and Android for Online Bullion Trading. The Mobile Trading Software allows your client to buy Gold and Silver from their mobile. All the facilities available on Desktop application are available in Mobile Trading Software. We also have Mobile Viewing software where live rates of Bullion can be shown.

Screenshot of Mobile Software:

Screenshot of Mobile Software

Contact Details:

Contact Details Chirayu Software Solutions 504, Fortune Tower, Sayajigunj , Vadodara , Gujarat. 390005 Mobile : Chirayu J Shah : 09879625676 JRD Shah : 09327458577

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