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INDEX DEFINITION WHAT IS SNIFFERS USED FOR?? HOW DOES PACKET SNIFFER WORK?? What are the components of a packet sniffer?? How can I configure my local network to make sniffing harder? How can I detect a packet sniffer? How can I sniff a switched network? Sniffer Example

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Packet Sniffer Definition : • packet sniffer is a wire-tap devices that plugs into computer networks and eavesdrops on the network traffic, then decodes this traffic in a process called “ Protocol Analysis “ .

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What is sniffers used for? • Detection of clear-text passwords and usernames from the network. • Conversion of data to human readable format so that people can read the traffic. • Performance analysis to discover network bottlenecks. • Network intrusion detection in order to discover hackers

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How does Packet Sniffer work? • Ethernet hardware is built with a "filter" that ignores all traffic that doesn't belong to it. It does this by ignoring all frames whose MAC address doesn't match its own MAC. • A sniffing program turns off this filter, putting the Ethernet hardware into "promiscuous mode.

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What are the components of a packet sniffer? 1- Hardware : standard network adapters . 2- Capture Filter : This is the most important part . It captures the network traffic from the wire, filters it for the particular traffic you want, then stores the data in a buffer. 3- Buffers : used to store the frames captured by the Capture Filter .

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4- Real-time analyzer: a module in the packet sniffer program used for traffic analysis and to sift the traffic for intrusion detection. 5- Decoder : "Protocol Analysis" . 6- Packet editing/transmission: Some products contain features that allow you to edit your own network packets and transmit them onto the network

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How can I configure my local network to make sniffing harder? • Replacing the hub with a switch will provide a simple, yet effective defence against casual sniffing. Is that enough ?What about kicking the switch from bridging to repeating mode?

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How can I detect a packet sniffer? • Ping method . • ARP method . • DNS method .

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How can I sniff a switched network? • switch jamming • ARP redirect • ICMP redirect

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Sniffer Example : Ethereal Features : 1- Available for UNIX and Windows. 2- Filter packets on many criteria 3- Search for packets using filters 4- Colorize packet display based on filters

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