China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd.


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China Rare Earth Magnet Company is a manufacturer of Neodymium magnet, NdFeB magnet, AlNiCo magnet, ceramic ferrite magnet, industrial magnet, motor magnet, generator magnet, speaker magnet, magnetic-cure magnet and a supplier of magnetic assemblies, magnetic devices and magnetic coolant separator as well.


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China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. :

China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. --- A brief introduction of the company

About us:

About us Founded in 1985. China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rare earth permanent magnets which consist of Neodymium magnets, AlNiCo magnets and SmCo magnets , etc. We also supply Ferrite magnets and a number of magnetic assembly products.

Service Areas:

Service Areas For many years, we make every effort to provide our customers with high quality products in competitive price and excellent services . With head office in Shenzhen, factory in Zhejiang province, east China , we sell goods around the world. Our target markets mainly locate in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia .

Manufacture Ability:

Manufacture Ability We customize magnets in accordance with the specific needs of customers such as material, grade, parameters, coating, dimension, application, design and diagram. We can manufacture magnets in a variety of shapes like disc, ring, block, cube, rectangle, bar, ball, cylinder, hollow cylinder, sector, arc, tile even some unusual shapes. Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet material is easy-to-corrosion, so coating or plating is a must. The most commonly used coating is nickel, zinc, black or grey epoxy, silver , gold, etc . SmCo, AlNiCo and Ferrite material has good corrosion resistance property , so there is no need of coating protection unless customers have special request.

Product Images 1 - Partly:

Product Images 1 - Partly NdFeB Magnet AlNiCo Magnet Neodymium Magnet ceramic ferrite magnet

Product Images 2 - Partly:

Product Images 2 - Partly Magnetic jewelry Ferrite Magnet Speaker magnet Customized magnet


Contact E-mail: Head Office: Room No. 705-707, Tower A Century Holiday Plaza, No. 9030 Shennan Rd., OCT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen , China. Tel: (86)755 26923096 Fax: (86)755 26915592 Websites:

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