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Outdoor flag is a medium of communication which makes it possible to put forward the visual identity of your company inexpensively with a touch of freshness and modernity.


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Flag-China Outdoor Business Flags -The Secret of a Successful Communication Outdoor flag is a medium of communication which makes it possible to put forward the visual identity of your company inexpensively with a touch of freshness and modernity. We produce Outdoor promotional flags municipal and city flags flags for organizations clubs and institutions state flags and much more. With our many years of manufacturing experience you will always get the flags made with the most appropriate technology with full saturated colors high quality printing and long life even when wearing out in demanding weather conditions. The beautifully rolling Outdoor business flags on the masts decorate a great arrival to your business. Bright and clean flags are the best business card and catch the eye of every passerby. It also helps customers find you better. Flags will appropriately support the strength of your brand and work for you to raise awareness of it and its significance. Instructions for the use maintenance and care of flags: USE: • The flag must move freely so that it does not interfere with masts trees wires building walls etc. In the stormy weather or strong winds of 40-50 km / h it is necessary to remove the flag to prevent it from being damaged. The flag must be washed in a timely manner before it becomes dirty when the dirt is permanently fixed to the flag thread. MAINTENANCE AND CARE: • The flag may be patented in a washing machine with the addition of brand detergents at a wash temperature of up to 60th. Celsius in a loose spin cycle. The heavily soiled flag can be treated lightly by using a soapy liquid. Scratching or intense scrubbing affects the flag badly. We do not

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recommend that the flag be subjected to chemical cleaning or a gas bath. It is forbidden to dry the flag in the dryer. Ironing is done with an iron set to .. For outdoor use it is better to hang the flag still wet on the flagpole. IMPORTANT: • In the case of mechanical damage to the flag from sharp objects due to the strong wind etc. it is necessary to send this immediately to us for repair so as not to increase the damage and the degradation of the flagyou can call us or mail us infoflag-china.com We will create Outdoor flags and banners to order. If you do not have a graphical preview of the flags yet we will create it exactly to meet all the criteria for the ideal size optimal design and visibility of flags in the area of flagpoles facade pits or other places. With our flags your business will be unmistakably unbeatable. Our know-how in the production of flags from one piece to a thousand series guarantees our customers always clear competitive advantages. Flag production has its own specifics and a really good flag is not far from our market. Why give preference to flag-china quality • For the production of our Outdoor banner flags we use the polyester which thanks to its weight of 120 g / m 2 is the ideal material for flags and banners waving even in mild breezes minimal rainwater absorption elimination of impurities from the environment and maximum resistance degraded weather conditions. • Our advanced production technology and the skills of our polygraphs in manufacturing ensure maximum color saturation 100 color printing on the other side of the flag during screen printing high gloss and exceptional representativeness. We achieve these in the production process by using the highest quality colors together with high pressure etching and washing of flags. • Our flags are made up of high quality fabric and we provide them with metal carbines instead of plastic and side seams for increased durability. • For high gloss fabric quality and a high level of processing our flags are often used on indoor hats and stands in interiors as well. Outdoor flags and banners on request we can make to measure according to your wishes. It is possible to place the logo text picture on the flags just anything according to your graphic design. These flags are used as promotional material of companies restaurants events such as banquets weddings celebrations. Print your flags online with flag-china

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