Why is Structural Foam Molding So Reliable?


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Because of the numerous benefits provided by the structural foam molding, it is known as one of the most reliable manufacturing methods available in the market.


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Why is Structural Foam Molding So Reliable It is a method of manufacturing in which two components polyol isocyanate are used to create polyurethane. This method is similar to the plastic injection molding process because that prepared polyurethane is injected into the mold but the difference is that Structural Foam Molding doesnt require high pressure to form the product. This process is mostly used to manufacture such parts which are required to be lightweight and rigid. The main benefits of the structural molding process have been given in the following article so that you will be able to opt for the best for yourself. It Doesn’t Need High Pressures: In this process an inert gas is mixed with the chosen plastic and when the mixture is injected into the mold the inert gas gets expanded and it fills the mold cavity. Thus high pressure isnt needed during the whole molding process because when the hot melt metal touches the colder cavities it becomes solid and the final product gets prepared with thin layers and enough rigidness.

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The Steel Molds are Not Mandatory: One of the most important advantages of opting for the Structural Foam Molding process is that you dont need to use the steel molds and thus it saves the money because the steel is a costlier metal than other metals. You can opt for either the aluminium or any other less expensive metal for the molds but only if you have chosen the structural foam molding process. Thus it can help you to lower the manufacturing cost because you will not be required to use the steel molds. The Slow Speed of the Production: You should be aware of the fact the production speed will be slow if you opt for the Structural Foam Molding process and it is the only thing which is not good about this method. Regardless the low production speed this method is used for the manufacturing of the safe and sturdy parts because it is one of the most reliable manufacturing methods. Note: We dont suggest this method if you want to manufacture the products on a large scale or if you dont want to produce rigid and lightweight end products. For more information visit us at http://www.china-casting.biz/structural-foam-molding-tsg.html Contact Us iMold USA LLC ADD: 2220 Hillcrest Street Orlando FL 32803 Tel.: +1-407-9822797 Email: saleschina-casting.biz

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