happy moms day

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MAMANG MAMANG, so subtle, so strong…you have you're ways in caring for us… You made me feel I belong. You make a very good best friend yet you make the enemy, I just couldn’t comprehend…I know I misunderstand you at times and yet you seemed fine. You rant about me coming home late…I know its for my own sake. You are patient when I am foolish, you give guidance when we ask…I’m in awe you seem to do all this task. You are a very delightful source of comfort, you help me in times of trouble. You picked me up when I fall. You are always there whenever I need some one to call. I love you more than you know. I give you all my respect. If I have to choose another mother your still the one I’d select.

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A Baby A Kid

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A Daughter

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A Sister

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A Friend

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A Teacher

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A Wife

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A Grandma

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With all the names to call you, my favorite is…

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My Mother, my friend so dearthroughout my life you're always near.A tender smile to guide my wayYou're the sunshine to light my day.

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Happy mother’s day mang

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I love you! ~batel

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