Biochemistry of Proteins


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Proteins are linear polymers of aminacids. They have primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure levels. These are illustrated in power point show.


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Biochemistry of Proteins Dr.S.K. Chile

What are proteins? : 

What are proteins? Linear polymer of amino acids. Specific structure and configuration. Specific function.

Biological Function of Protein : 

Biological Function of Protein Enzyme Building blocks Muscles Cytoplasm Storage Hormones Chromosome Other regulatory functions Protective Immunity Circulatory (Blood, P-proteins)

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Stereo isomers of Amino acids (mirror images of each other)

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Amino acids found in protein

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OH+ + H2O H+ Amino acid as Amphoteric substance

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OH+ + H2O H+ Zwitterions

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+ + + H2O Amino acid Oxidized ninhydrn a– imino acid Reduced ninhydrn

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+ NH3 + Oxidized ninhydrn Reduced ninhydrn Blue product

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a– imino acid Keto acid Aldehyde

Classification of Protein : 

Classification of Protein Simple protein Conjugated protein

Structure of Protein : 

Structure of Protein Primary structure Secondary structure Tertiary structure Quaternary structure

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R..n I HN-C-CO I H R5 I HN-C-CO I H + + +

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Thanks Dr.S.K. Chile

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