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Maybe you have heard a few things about amino acids maybe you know that they are good for you but don’t know exactly what they do. There are roughly 200 amino acids yet there are only 22 that are readily available and helpful as our Chicago Limousine Service.

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We’re here to share the top feel good and look good amino acids that will have your feeling amazing on your big day.

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Firstly amino acids can help you in a variety of ways much like our Limo Service to Chicago. Mostly they are building blocks for your body and make up the protein that is in your body. They help promote proper brain health give you muscle growth provide energy increase metabolism uplifts moods and have many other beneficial functions.

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If you want to look good seek out these amino acids: L-arginine L-lysine L-methionine L-cysteine L-glycine and L-proline. These are known to promote healthy skin hair and nails.

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Support your mood with L-tyrosine. This amino acid is exciting as a Chicago Limo Service because it can help uplift low dopamine levels. Dopamine levels are typically low when you are dealing with a lot of stress or if you use nicotine eat lots of sweets and have low energy.

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If you are finding that you are dealing with anxiety then L-theanine may be a key to helping you relax. This amino acid is exclusively found in green tea and is the reason that green tea’s caffeine content doesn’t seem as strong when compared to black tea. It’s the L-theanine that is responsible for balancing it out adding a level of calm focus to the caffeine energy.

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Grab a ride in Cheap Limo Service in Chicago IL to find these look-good foods filled with great amino acids: fish nuts green tea meat turkey and more Call us Now - 312 757-4634

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