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Unbelieveable easy and conceptual presentations, I appreciate your efforts in the field of Plant Breeding and genetics, Dr.Ghulam Abbas PhD Scholar, Plant Breeding and Genetics University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, pakistan (

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Seed Production in Cross Pollinated Crops PRINCIPLES & METHODS A.K. CHHABRA Professor Department of Plant Breeding CCSHAU, Hisar © A.K. Chhabra TOPICS LAST VIEWED PREVIOUS END DISCLAIMER: Copyright of some of the figures used from internet and different web sites is duly acknowledged. The copyright stands with its original developer. The information has been gathered here for educational purpose and not for any kind of commercial purpose.

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Seed Production in Cross Pollinated Crops © A.K. Chhabra Basic Concepts Plant Breeding Terminology Determination of mode of pollination Determination of CP Determination of Apomixes Apomixes Back Crossing and its consequences Xenia Effect Selection of parents for hybrids and synthetics MALE STERILITY GMS CMS CGMS Transgenic male sterility Chemically Induced Male Sterility Sunflower pictures of male sterile and restorer SELF INCOMPATIBILITY Types Use in Hybrid Seed Production Heterosis, types and estimation TOPICS

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Some basic concepts Plant Breeding of © A.K. Chhabra

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What is a flower? © A.K. Chhabra

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What is a Self- Pollinated crop? © A.K. Chhabra Plant Homozygpous Population Homogeneous HOMOZYGOUS HOMOGENEOUS NO INBREEDING DEPRESSION

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What is a Cross- Pollinated crop? © A.K. Chhabra Plant Heterozygous Population Heterogeneous HETEROZYGOUS HETEROGENEOUS HIGH INBREEDING DEPRESSION Pollen grains EXAMPLES: Maize, Rye, Bajra, Sunflower, Castor, Niger, some strains of Brassica campestris, Sugarcane, Hemp, Hops, Alfalfa, White clover, Red clover etc.

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Seed Production in Cross Pollinated Crops © A.K. Chhabra No seed in SI type SI types my set seed (late season pollination) Seed is produced

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Distribution of Flowers © A.K. Chhabra

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