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A channel partnership program plays an important role in a growing company, and a good partnership can help to provide access to new customers and increase your business sale. Learn here how the channel partner program helps businesses.


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When it comes to growing your business, one should always consider the old adage of “safety in numbers,” and “getting by with a little help from your friends.” While your own sales and marketing tactics are important, creating partnerships with other businesses provide the opportunity to enhance exposure and capitalize on the success of other non-competitors in your industry. Known as a channel partnership, this B2B intermediary between consumers and clients help companies introduce new products into the markets or expand existing ones to a current need.


In the software development solutions industry, channel partners are a crucial component of the overall marketing initiative, as it provides an alternative source of potential clients, exposure and revenues. This article will delve into the benefits of channel partnerships and how it can enhance your business and create value for your consumers.


Components of a Channel Partner Program When creating a channel partnership, it is important to consider a business that is related to your field, but not a direct competitor. In the case of software development, a larger software developer, like Oracle or Microsoft, may choose to partner with a smaller developer or custom software developer to push their product when selling their own, or push services of customization that they cannot offer themselves. It is important for a channel partner program to maintain the product consumption on a rising curve. As a business/ company, here are some professional hacks to avoid programs that aren’t beneficial.


Bring onboard the right partners; a company will thrive based on the valuable partner it has. To ensure development, narrow the options to partners that share in their vision. Team up to create training and marketing strategies; This makes the partners love what your products have to offer, contrary to giving them a developed program that may seem imposing. Ensure that partners integrate their ideas too for maximum profits. Equip your partners to be sales assertive and to provide continuous consumer support; a company can enhance this through proper integration of partners into their strategies, making sure they are well acquainted with the company’s consumer services.


For every successful business, there is the strategy phase, the setting of goals, the Implementation phase where plan initiation takes place, and the monitoring phase, which includes feedback. Good custom software integration guarantees success in the three stages. Incorporate your partners to create a marketing program and promotions, enhancing sales activation may not be enough to push channel partners, encourage them to make a marketing program. Influence them to achieve their goals to maximum potential by improvising events where you acknowledge the best partner.


B2B Partnership Models Creating a reliable way of communication between companies and channel partners ensures the smooth running of operations. Below are some ideas of reliable methods to connect virtually. Direct Connection, Spaghetti, or Spider model –  Resembling a labyrinth, this model enables a direct connection between companies and partners. However, it applies to a relatively smaller group. The Network Model –  This kind of model, uses a service provider as an intermediary. The intermediary is responsible for handling all the connections, document transfer, back up, and audits.


Hybrid Model –   This model combines both the direct connect and the network model, its recommended as it saves the service providers fees while still giving you the liberty to communicate with the partners directly, it works perfectly for big organizations. Managed Model –  This type of model involves using an external service provider who is responsible for everything; communications, mapping; they receive documents, process them, and send directly to partners when they are ready. This model saves finances significantly.


How it Helps in Business Growth If a company invests its resources to ensure that its channel partner program is implemented and operated successfully, it will increase its exposure and market share, expand its client network and, most importantly provide an additional stream of generated revenue. From a custom software development perspective, integration ensures that channel partners are well acquainted with the company’s capabilities and goals, and it enables them to execute sales effectively, consequently generating mutual revenue and long-term consistency.


When it comes to channel partner programs in the software industry,  Chetu , a provider of world-class technology and custom software solutions, is a prominent player. Having recently launched their own Channel Partner program, Chetu is partnered with some of the leading software firms in the world. As a custom software provider, Chetu is able to work with its partners’ customers to provide tailor-made, industry-specific solutions that integrate with their current software suite and specific business needs. This mutually beneficial partnership allows Chetu’s partners to continue selling their leading software products while also allowing Chetu to modify those products to better meet the needs of the business in a rapidly developing world.  


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