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Al Maya Distribution is among the leading food distribution companies in UAE, Dubai. We supply FMCG and beverage products to leading retailers and supermarket channels. http://almayadistribution.ae/


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Al Maya Distribution – The Most Efficient Name in The UAE A company which is responsible for distributing or dispersing products of a certain manufacturer to the market via connecting with the retailer is called a wholesale distributor. A wholesale distributor is thus involved in product distribution in a way to make it accessible to the buyers by making it available in the market. The wholesale distributor company thus necessarily has to have a direct connection with the product manufacturer and the retailer. A wholesale distributor company can also sell the product directly to the customer but usually it does so via the retailer. A wholesale distributor company has to own a warehouse needed for storage of the products of the manufacturer and a distribution centre for dispersal of the same. Al Maya Distribution is one such wholesale distributor company. It is a popular name in the UAE. It is a Dubai based company which ranks among the top food distribution companies in Dubai. The company’s aim to introduce some of the big guns of the food industry namely – Horlicks Cadbury MTR Real Simba Silver Swan Vina Milk Beacon Renuka Gowardhan Minara etc. to UAE. Aeroplane and Camel are well distributed brands in the UAE and that is all because of Al Maya. The company has had a history of introducing a total of 50 well known brands in the UAE region. The company has a total of 1 million sq.ft. of warehouse space. It is in these amply spaced warehouses the company stores and stocks the products manufactured by some of the best brands of the world. These products are then distributed across the whole of UAE and that is how they are made available to the customers. This company takes prides in having the some of the largest logistics and distribution facilities in the GCC. They maintain an inhibited and unimpeded connectivity between the manufacturer and the retailer. This makes the market flowing and flourishing. The supply of the Al Maya Distributor is seamless and most efficient. It delivers excellence and efficiency at the same time. And it is because of this the company keeps on upgrading and improving its infrastructure to suit the needs for a better and smoother run of the trade. The company also comes up with the latest technologies in supply chain management which includes Warehouse Management Systems WMS to a great extent. The company has rightly received the Responsible Leadership Award in 2016 at the Indian Innovator Awards.

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