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Hit4SEO is SEO Company in India offers professional SEO services, PPC services, SEO Consulting. Best SEO Company in India pune with professional SEO Experts.


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Increased Sales Improved Visibility Competitive Leads Maximized Reach

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About Hit4SEO Hit4SEO is a leading Information Technology based SEO Company in India providing SEO services to diverse clients across the world. We are Interactive marketing and brand consulting firm with strategic Internet marketing policies to help our client to be popular through many interactive channels. Our SEO Services and SEO Campaign are designed by professional SEO expert in ethical way so that your website not only rank in top position but maintain ranking for long time. Our web analytics expert helps to have breakthrough business via our internet marketing services. Our web analytics consultant set goals, timelines to achieve maximum sales and profit to our clients. Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Our Services Organic SEO Services Quality Link Building Pay Per Click Advertising Online PR Building Online Reputation Management Social Media Optimization and maintenance Internet Marketing Consulting Business Networking Management Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Organic SEO Services Note: We don’t use any unethical way for SEO like black hat SEO. Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Quality Link Building Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Pay Per Click Advertising Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Online Public Relation Building This activity includes Online Branding and promotional activities of your Product / Services / brand Name. Branding and Promotions On Social Networks like Facebook , twitter Article Postings On Business Networks and Online Business Hubs. Local Promotions – Promoting on Local Web, portals and directories. Promoting activities and discussing on business oriented Online Networks Video Blogging Promoting and Services On Social Networks and blogging Keep tracking of all activities and discussions on Business Hubs. Daily Report and Weekly Report will be provided with details Cost : $500 per month Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Online Reputation Management Review Your Online Presence:Search On Major Search Engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing etc by considering Following Factors, Brand Name Service and Products name Competitor UsernamesIdentify Problems and list out where Negative Postings has been done and strength in Search Engine Ranking. We help you to build positive presence on search engines and push negative links down which are affecting your Online PR. “This is continuous process , Build a Brand and Prevent Online Negative Banding and Save Money and Clients” Cost : $ 500 per month. Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Social Media Optimization Services : Social Network Management Services:(Twitter,Facebook,Friendfeed,Orkut,Myspace) Cost:$300/month Social Network Account Setup Social Network Account Updates Social Network Account Optimization(Target Audience Communication) Daily Postings Daily Reports Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Business Networking Management Social Business Network Management Services: (Linkedin,Xing etc) Cost:$300/month Social Business Network Account Setup. Social Business Network Account Configuration and updates Daily Activities and Communications Account Optimization Daily Postings Daily Reports Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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Website: http://www.hit4seo.com Phone:+91-20-65007902 Email:sales@hit4seo.com Thank You Website: http://www.hit4seo.com | Phone:+91-20-65007902 |Email:sales@hit4seo.com

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