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Contents.. : 

Contents.. About Raymond's. Sales performing Sales organization The Product The market Business development

About Raymond : 

About Raymond Raymond was incorporated in 1925 under the leadership of Vijaypat Singhania. Raymond is a company classified as Raymond ltd which produces shirt and suiting material and Raymond apparel consisting of different brands with ready made garments like park avenue, manzoni, parx and color plus.

Sales performing : 

Sales performing Sales policy of The Raymond Shop (TRS) in placing orders is through agents, wholesalers. Sales Plans are formulated according to the monthly sales in TRS

Sales organization : 

Sales organization Personnel direction Selection and recruitment in TRS is based on experience, technical know how and good communication skills. Training is given to all the sales people by trainers who basically train people for effective sales. Remuneration basically depends upon level and seniority. Timing is the only employee condition basically being followed

Sales control : 

Sales control TRS, Franchisees, wholesalers and multi brand outlets (MBO) maintain sales record and present it to the company along with the monthly accounts and walk in reports.

The Product : 

The Product Obsolescence Notting hill and BE are brands under Raymond apparel but are Examples of obsolescence because Notting hill did not work out so the prices were decreased and the products are now sold to class 4 and 5 Where as BE is home accessories brand which is also not premium.

Price terms and conditions : 

Price terms and conditions

Trade and cash discounts : 

Trade and cash discounts Company gives coupon discount @ 12.5% to the shareholder which is than reimbursed by the retail outlet. The agents are allowed cash discount on advance payment after dispatch of stock Customers are given discounts but only in the month of January and July for stock clearance. No credit system is allowed to customers Credit period of 30-90 days is given by the agents to the TRS, wholesalers and MBO’s depending upon the relations.

Membership terms and conditions : 

Membership terms and conditions On a single day shop one can be enrolled into any of the 3 tiers i.e Blue- 5000, Silver-10000 Gold- 20000 One gets reward points on every shopping one does.

Physical handling : 

Under physical handling TRS has stock rooms/ warehouses. The material is mainly transported through road and in urgent cases through courier and Angariya. Physical handling

The market : 

The market There is no celebrity as a brand ambassador in Raymond's For launch of new product they consult the market research agencies and the agency than does the research. The questionnaire method is also followed.

Relations with customers : 

Relations with customers They replace materials under genuine conditions. They also deliver there garments in UK,US and Kenya They provide gifts during festivals and maintain healthy relations with their customers. Raymond ltd has 60% market share of polywool material.

Competitors production : 

Competitors production There are many competitors such as Digjam, Vimal, Reid & Taylor. TRS 450 out of which Company stores 60 and remaining are franchisees. Competitors production

Business Development : 

Business Development Campaigns are undertaken by the company and the feedback is given to the outlets to implement the changes. For advertising in the TRS budget is decided by the company it includes hoardings and poly bags but it needs approval.

Promotions : 

Promotions No exhibitions For sponsorships (approval is required from the company) No contests are undertaken

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