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Examples from: Fire in Their Eyes: Wildfires and the People Who Fight Them By: Karen Magnuson Bell Scholastic Publishing Context Clues

Ignite : 

Ignite Fire needs three things: a spark to ignite it, oxygen to keep it going, and fuel for it to burn. Ignite: set on fire

Clamped, Gaffs : 

Clamped, Gaffs With harnesses and ropes and climbing spurs clamped on their boots, the rookies “walk” up the trees as though stepping up a ladder, sinking three-inch metal spikes called gaffs into the bark. Clamped: fastened Gaffs: metal spur

Peals : 

Peals At 3:20 P.M. Maggie calls in smokejumpers. At the jump base, operations foreman Jim “Dirty” Linville flips a switch, and a siren blast peals out across the grounds. Peals: to sound loudly

Slurry : 

Slurry But they wait while an air tanker finishes a series of runs dropping “mud,” a day-glow fire retardant mixed into a thick, gloppy slurry. Slurry: a thin mixture of an insoluble substance, as cement, clay, or coal, with a liquid, as water or oil.

Duff : 

Duff Even the upper layer of the forest floor, the duff – grass, needles, and twigs that haven’t decomposed yet – is smoldering. They dig up cool dirt, then stir it into the duff. Duff: organic matter in various stages of decomposition on the floor of the forest.

Arsonists : 

Arsonists And sadly, some are started deliberately by arsonists, criminals who kill and destroy with the flick of a match. Arsonists: a person who starts fires

Conflagrations : 

Conflagrations The hotshots are third kind of crew. The country’s 1,360 hotshots take on the big fires, the conflagrations. Conflagrations: an intense fire

Hoisting : 

Hoisting When she’s finished, she pulls a cord, hoisting the chute all the way to the ceiling. Hoisting: to raise or lift

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