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ONOMATOPOEIA POEMRazzle Dazzle WritingBy: Melissa Forney : 

ONOMATOPOEIA POEMRazzle Dazzle WritingBy: Melissa Forney


ONOMATOPOEIA Onomatopoeia, My, what a word! It means every sound effect You have ever heard.

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Crash, crunch, zing, zip, Meow, munch, roar, rip, Sizzle, crackle, splat, kerplunk, Bang, clank, woof, thunk, Hiss, whiz, oink, moo, Sniff, snap, cough, achoo, Dong, ding, pong, ping, Bong, bing, zap, zing! There are 28 onomatopoeias under this box . . . It’s fun to assign a word or two per student and ‘whip around’ the room. Encourage students to add appropriate SOUNDS to their words as they say them aloud.

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I think that when you’ve read this list You’ll get the main idea ... All these crazy sound effects Are onomatopoeia! Once you learn to say that word You kind of want to yell it, But even though you yell the word I bet you cannot spell it! You can learn to spell this word In just a single day ... O-N-O---M-A-T-O-P-O-E-I-A

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Let’s Go, Froggy! By: Jonathan London Illustrated by: Frank Remkiewicz According to curriculum, onomatopoeias are usually ‘taught’ in 6th grade, but this picture book demonstrates their USE in earlier grades.

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