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Health is Wealth : 

Health is Wealth By Cherie Ang

Health : 

Health The World Health Organization (WHO) defines "health" as complete physical, mental and social well-being, rather than simply the absence of disease or illness.

Our Body Is Its Best Doctor : 

Our Body Is Its Best Doctor We should help our body's natural ability to heal itself by maintaining good health with a balanced nutrient intake i.e. give it all the nutrients it needs in adequate amounts. Therefore, knowing what the body needs is fundamental to good health.

The Birth Of Molecular Reform Therapy(MRT) : 

The Birth Of Molecular Reform Therapy(MRT) The Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) was developed based on research accumulated over 150 years. This therapeutically concept was hailed by the US and international medical fraternity and nutritional bodies, such as: DR. LINUS PAULING, a two-time winner of the Nobel Prize, predicted that MRT is destined to become the mainstream of medical studies in the 21st Century. Medical studies of cells also became a subject of renowned universities including Johns Hopkins University and University of California, Berkeley.

What is Molecular Reform Therapy? : 

What is Molecular Reform Therapy? MRT is a self-management of one's health based on a holistic approach to ensure that cells are being nourished adequately which will in turn leads to optimum functioning of the body & reinforces our immune system.

4 major components of Molecular Reform Therapy : 

4 major components of Molecular Reform Therapy Step 1 - Balanced Nutrition (to supply the body with all essential nutrients) Step 2 - Increased Oxygen Intake (to enhance body metabolism) Step 3 - Detoxification (to remove wastes and toxins from the body) Step 4 - Health Regulation (to nourish and revitalize our cells)

Balanced Nutrition : 

Balanced Nutrition A healthy diet of balanced nutrition is important for optimal body functions. To fulfill our body's requirements, we need to obtain 46 nutrients from our food sources as these nutrients cannot be made by our body or cannot be 'manufactured' fast enough for our usage. For good health, our diet should also have the proper proportion of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food to maintain a slightly alkaline body fluid of pH7.3-7.4.

Increased Oxygen Intake : 

Increased Oxygen Intake Our body requires a huge amount of oxygen supply daily to enhance body metabolism, neutralize toxic substances in the body, reduce the production of carcinogenic agents into harmless substances, support the functions of vitamins and promote blood circulation. However our busy lifestyles, lack of exercise and widespread pollution have robbed us of adequate supplies of quality oxygen, leaving us susceptible to chronic conditions.

Detoxification : 

Detoxification It is important to detoxify our body system to remove wastes and toxins in order to maintain a healthy digestive system for effective nutrient absorption. If not removed, these toxins can permeate our intestinal walls and subsequently be reabsorbed into the blood capillaries that would eventually carry to all parts of our bodies. This would then adversely affect the functions of our body cells and ultimately leaves us vulnerable to serious diseases.

Health Regulation : 

Health Regulation We need to manage our health well right from the start. Human cells requires constant nourishment, revitalization and physiological adjustment to help delay cell ageing, prevent functional degeneration and offset health hazards brought on by environmental pollution, stressful lifestyles, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. If health is not managed well, the cell metabolism will be altered, resulting in poor health and even premature death.

Towards Optimum Health With Molecular Reform Therapy : 

Towards Optimum Health With Molecular Reform Therapy It must be stressed that all components of MRT are equally important and they work hard in hard to attain the maximum result of preventing and relieving symptoms of various diseases - acute or chronic. It is a natural but yet highly effective self-managed therapy. It adopts a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of human health including mental and spiritual health.

Personal Health Profile : 

Personal Health Profile personal-health-profile

By Cherie Ang : 

By Cherie Ang

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