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MLM Survivor : 

MLM Survivor By Cherie Ang Your logo here

MLM is … : 

'A Business of Promotion and Marketing, pursued by people who can neither Promote nor Market'. Notice it doesn't say anything about Selling? Marketing is 'Finding the people who need your Product or Service' MLM is … Your logo here

Resolve Other Problem : 

The only reason they need it, is, because they have a Problem and you have something that will solve Their Problem. Resolve Other Problem Your logo here

Is Network Marketing A Fraud? : 

It’s really not, because it’s an industry that has created the most millionaires out of any other of out there. Not too many of the top industries can say that but still there is a huge number of people fail. Is Network Marketing A Fraud? Your logo here

Network Marketing Fraud I : 

When people scream network marketing fraud, it may simply be because they quit too early. Sometimes if you don’t find the product or service are promoting interesting, you won’t have any drive to continue to promote it. Once things go downhill, so will your mindset and you will eventually give up. Also they get horrible upline support and never really have a direction to go in. Also getting rejected face to face on a daily basis is something I went through I also believed network marketing was a fraud at first. Face-to-face rejection is by far one of the worst thing you can experience when no one truly believes in what you are offering. Network Marketing Fraud I Your logo here

Network Marketing Fraud II : 

People can be evil and their motives can be evil and the way they do things can be evil but MLM’s are not intrinsically, morally wrong in and of themselves. Websites that purport this idea may be good theatre but they are not logical. No major government outlaws MLM’s. The laws that would be needed to do that would have ramifications far beyond the Direct Sales industry and some believe that they would cripple insurance, real estate, car sales and many other industries including a huge number of internet enterprises. Network Marketing Fraud II Your logo here

Drop Out : 

Knowing full well that 95% of new distributors in network marketing (in general) "drop out" after an average of only three months, I did a little research to determine why. The main reason seemed to be "no action, nobody wants to sign up." The second reason was "ran out of money for automatic product shipments, advertising, training tools, etc." Other reasons included "no upline support or training, ran out of leads, downline dropping out, and so on....." Drop Out Your logo here

Things you will need to build your business! : 

You enjoy working with other people You will need to be coachable You will need a time commitment of 3 to 5 years You will need to create a business plan and follow it You need to have strong work ethics You need to have a strong desire to succeed You are financially capable of start up and survival Things you will need to build your business! Your logo here

Quote : 

"If you approach this business realistically, you have already won a major victory. Most people don't understand the nature of the beast and have unreal expectations. Place yourself ahead of the pack, do your due diligence and enjoy the journey!" Quote Your logo here

By Cherie Ang : 

By Cherie Ang Your logo here

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