Target Marketing Strategy


Presentation Description - Learn to target your market when you are selling products to others.


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Target Marketing Strategy : 

Target Marketing Strategy By Cherie Ang Your logo here

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What Is Targeted Marketing? : 

Targeted marketing is advertising to people that are looking for specific products or opportunities. Using targeted marketing, you are placing your product advertisements in front of people who are of a certain age group, cultural background, single, married, etc. Each of these particular groups of people search for different products and services in different ways. What Is Targeted Marketing? Your logo here

Understand Why People Buy : 

To satisfy basic needs. To solve problems. To make themselves feel good. Understand Why People Buy Your logo here

Market Segmentation : 

Geographic segmentation – based on location such as home addresses; Demographic segmentation – based on measurable statistics, such as age or income; Psychographic segmentation – based on lifestyle preferences, such as being urban dwellers or pet lovers. Market Segmentation Your logo here

Points to Identify of the target customers : 

Effective communication always earns positive results and helps to save on effort and expenditures in non-productive areas. Your marketing strategies will be more focused and result oriented. You will be able to make very accurate forecasts on the additional services customers will expect from your company. You will be able to maintain the best pricing and quality levels required to capture and retain customers. Points to Identify of the target customers Your logo here

Points to Identify of the target customers : 

It will enable you to identify the concentration of customers in specific locations, to design direct and cost-effective marketing. It will allow you to identify the competition in the market and the areas where you can generate maximum customer loyalty and the best sales response. You will be able to identify any lapse in the fulfilment of customer needs. You will be able to monitor and take the best advantage of customer behaviour. It will be a resource to vital information about the overall market for your products. Points to Identify of the target customers Your logo here

Identifying your target market : 

Vital for customizing the marketing and advertising campaigns, to generate maximum revenue. Help to curb unnecessary expense and labour in the unproductive markets. Once you successfully identify the drawbacks and implement customized changes, very little can keep your business from attaining success. Identifying your target market Your logo here

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By Cherie Ang : 

By Cherie Ang Your logo here

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