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Online Business Start Up Costs : 

Online Business Start Up Costs By Cherie Ang

Common goal for Home Biz entrepreneur : 

Common goal for Home Biz entrepreneur To earn money; it can be as little as $20 a month or as much a $1,000,000 a year. That being said, as with any business keeping track of incoming and outgoing cash is vital to the success or failure of your business.

budget : 

budget Estimation of your costs and income. It is your task to review your budget from time to time and adjust it based on real numbers. The real numbers are the actuals you get from your business.

Factors to create a budget : 

Factors to create a budget Time Period: Choose the time period of your budget that you are comfortable with, usually people choose weeks or months. Recurring costs: Make a complete list of all recurring costs you already know One time costs: List the one time payments you plan to have this year, and calculate the accruals for the period.

Unrealistic thinking : 

Unrealistic thinking Most of the Internet marketing newbie's would expect to be in positive cash flow after a very short period of time

Prepare for the worst : 

Prepare for the worst It is absolutely normal that you may have a period where you are in negative cash flow for a while. Don't worry: having a budget and sticking to it you have prepared for this situation until you reach your break-even point.

Keeping track : 

Keeping track All businesses need a budget, a good budget will keep you on track, and give you a clear understanding of what is working, what is not and where your money is going and coming from. Without a good budget it is easy to loose your business and not know why.

By Cherie Ang : 

By Cherie Ang

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