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How to manage body health II? : 

How to manage body health II? By: Health Advice Online

Self-Healing Ability – Our Greatest Asset : 

Energy is metabolized from our food intake in the forms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats with vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy and efficient body processes.  For cellular growth and repair, we must ensure an adequate intake of essential nutrients. The key to good health is to ensure that the 60 trillion cells are well nourished. In doing so, it enhances its natural ability to heal. Self-Healing Ability – Our Greatest Asset

Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) : 

Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) A self-management of one’s health based on a holistic approach to ensure that the cells are being nourished adequately which in turn, leads to optimum functioning of the body and reinforces our immune system.  MRT directly promotes cell metabolism which results in a natural ability to heal. MRT works through the synergy of 3 major components Balanced Nutrition (to supply the body with all essential nutrients) Increasing Oxygen Intake (to enhance body metabolism) Detoxification (to remove wastes and toxins from the body)

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All components of MRT work hand in hand to attain the maximum result of preventing and relieving symptoms of various diseases – acute or chronic. Natural but yet highly effective self-managed therapy. Adopts a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of human health including mental and spiritual health.

Essential Nutrients : 

Essential Nutrients Human body needs 46 types of nutrients everyday for optimal functioning. These nutrients are known as “Metabolic nutrients”. If the cells are nutritionally suppressed, cell metabolism will be upset resulting in chronic diseases. In addition, while one nutrient is closely related to another, it is vital to ensure a balanced daily intake of all nutrients. A lack in either type will adversely affect our health.

Body Metabolism In Relation to Oxygen Intake : 

Oxygen breathed in is transported to all parts of the body by red blood cells. Unless we have adequate amount of healthy red blood cells to do the job, the oxygen we breathe in will not be utilized to the fullest. Ensure production of enough red blood cells as well as a healthily functioning circulatory system. With sufficient supply of oxygen that we can enhance our body metabolism. Body Metabolism In Relation to Oxygen Intake

Why we require oxygen? : 

Why we require oxygen? For cell metabolism For normal functioning of certain vitamins To combine with harmful hydrogen ion, a by-product of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, to be discharged from the body as sweat and urine To neutralize carcinogenic by-product in fatty acid metabolism

Causes of oxygen deficiency : 

Causes of oxygen deficiency Lack of nutrients for the production of red blood cells Lack of exercise to enhance circulation of oxygen in the human body Acidic blood with high viscosity making red blood cells degenerate easily Stress leading to contraction of arteries Polluted environment

Aids to enhance oxygen intake : 

Aids to enhance oxygen intake Exercising increases rate of our heartbeat and makes us draw in more air. In this industrialized age, unpolluted air is hard to come by so we need other aids. Organic germanium is one of these. Its ability is to combine oxygen with hydrogen ion and remove it from the system. Organic germanium is capable of improving the efficiency of the metabolic system in our body.

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