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How to manage body health I? : 

How to manage body health I? By: Health Advice Online

Are You Really In The Pink Of Health? : 

Are You Really In The Pink Of Health? Ask yourself with the following questions whether you are having a good health. When was the last time you felt totally energized upon waking up in the morning? Would you describe yourself as healthy? What is good health?

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If you are not sufferings from any apparent disease, so you can say you are in good health. In reality, most people are far from being “in the pink” of health. At best, we may be in a “semi-healthy” condition for the reason that we might get tired easily; look pale; have no appetite; suffer from indigestion; constant back and shoulder aches, etc. These may not be serious illnesses but they could be sending alarm signals that our body needs help.

How to prolong our healthiness? : 

How to prolong our healthiness? A healthy lifestyle and taking necessary supplements can help slow down the ageing process. Medical treatment is not always the answer to acute and chronic diseases. You can prevent them with a good system of health management.

Knowledge of Body Basic For Health Management : 

Knowledge of Body Basic For Health Management A good knowledge of our body, of our cells and cellular metabolism is crucial for a know-how to keep it in prime health condition and stave off diseases and their often crippling consequences. Basic essentials for overall good health: Water Well-balanced nutrition Adequate supply of oxygen Mental health

Health Essentials : 

Healthy cells – Healthy life Our body is made up of 60 trillion cells that are categorized as: Hard cells for bones, Teeth, nails and hair Soft cells for skin, muscles and other organs Liquid cells for blood and hormones Health Essentials

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When the cells are functioning properly, blood production and circulation will be improved which directly contributes to a person’s good health. When physical well-being is coupled with tranquility, we enjoy an immense sense of wellness. In this state, our body’s natural ability to heal is optimized.

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Healthy cells make healthy body and to ensure the development of good cells, four factors have been identified as collective essentials for the promotion of an efficient metabolic system. Any of these factors missing will spell health problems.

Four Important Factors : 

Four Important Factors Balanced nutrient intake Adequate supply of oxygen Adequate supply of clean water Mental well-being Lack of any element > Altered cell metabolism > Chronic diseases

Health advice online : 

Health advice online

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