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Car Accidents : 

Car Accidents

Content : 

Content What is Car Accident Type of Car Crashes Factor contribute to car accident Injuries caused by road accidents Prevention

What is Car Accidents : 

What is Car Accidents A car accident is a road traffic incident that usually involves one road vehicle colliding with another vehicle or other road user, animal, or a stationary roadside object, and may result in injury, property damage, and possibly death.

Type of Car Crashes : 

Type of Car Crashes Rear impacts Angle or side impacts Run-off-road collisions Rollovers Head-on collision Back-up collisions

Contributing factors : 

Contributing factors Driver behavior Under influence of alcohol. Poor awareness of road and traffic condition. Distraction from external factor (e.g. phone, scenery) Does not follow traffic rules and regulation. Feeling unwell result in poor reaction time. (e.g. Fatigue)

Contributing factors : 

Contributing factors Speed Choice evidence shows that the risk of having a crash is increased both for vehicles traveling slower than the average speed, and for those traveling above the average speed. the risk of being injured increases exponentially with speeds much faster than the median speed. the severity of a crash depends on the vehicle speed change at impact. most crashes related to speed involve speed too fast for the conditions.

Contributing factors : 

Contributing factors Vehicle Faulty braking system Tires tread wear or inflation pressure may lead to hydroplaning in wet condition causing driver to lose control. Faulty head/rear lights. Not having a good anti-lock brakes system.

Other factors : 

Other factors Poor road design Weather

Injuries : 

Injuries Car and motor accidents can cause injury to just about any part of the human body, including, but not limited to, head, neck, shoulders, arms, torso, hands, legs and feet. Whiplash symptoms is the most common aftermath of car accident. This condition is most commonly associated with a car that is struck form behind or side impact or collision with another vehicle. When the head is jerked back and forth in the impact, the muscles and ligaments in the neck can be over-stretched or torn. The discs between the vertebrae can bulge, tear or rupture. Vertebrae can be forced out of their normal position and the spinal cord and nerve roots can become stretched or irritated. The multitude of potential physical damage elements can cause a wide range of whiplash symptoms

Injuries : 

Injuries Injuries vary because there are so many things that change from one accident to another including the direction the person was facing, their age, the amount of warning or state of preparedness, the health of their bones, muscles, ligaments and discs, the direction of impact and the speeds involved. Unfortunately wearing a seat-belt has little effect on preventing or reducing whiplash symptoms however headrests may offer some protection and often assist in reducing injury.

Prevention : 

Prevention Maintaining a routine schedule for vehicle servicing making sure your vehicle are safe to drive out. Following traffic rule and regulation, such as maintaining safety distance from the front vehicle and your. Do not drive when you are feeling unwell or drunk.

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