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The concept was developed by Maria Montessori and Montessori school in Chennai teaches children to ‘learn how to learn’.


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Montessori School Chennai

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Child care centers can be divided into • Custodial care: Child care is provided in private homes with limited number of children. They offer full day children’s programs. It is the most popular education and care program. In some centers custodial care focusing on primary needs of the child is also taken care off.

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• Kindergarten: It was opened in 1837 by Frederick Forebel in Germany, while the first American Kindergarten was opened in Watertown, WI in the year 1856. The school schedule can be divided into full day, half a day or alternating days. It emphasizes on the holistic growth of the child. The basic objectives are to develop positive feeling about school

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• Montessori approach: The concept was developed by Maria Montessori and Montessori school in Chennai teaches children to ‘ learn how to learn’. Children explore materials and learn in a stress free environment. Teacher offer very little help as students self instruct . Here children learn to be active and innovative. The play and learn concept promote independence and confident in the child helping them to move to primary school.

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• Laboratory schools: These are college and university affiliate programs. These programs are located inside the college campus. It serves as a study group for researchers. In this type of schools, the staff are high qualified followed a well planned curriculum and supported by up-to-date facilities. This type of schools help to train future child care professionals.

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• Head start This program is for those who do not receive nutritious meals at home. They provide atleast snack and hot meal per day. The child’s ethnic and cultural preferences are reflected in the food that is served. The program is designed to help children make a good choice of food and also develop a healthy eating habit. It is especially designed to overcome poverty and promote education in economically backward families .

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