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Best Boarding schools have been in existence since time immemorial.


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Best boarding school :

Best boarding school CHENNAI PUBLIC SCHOOL

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Best Boarding schools have been in existence since time immemorial. Epics have talked about the Gurukul system where the young princes live, learn and provide service to their teachers (Gurus). Reasons to consider boarding school is Local schools are not of high quality Parents feel boarding school inculcates discipline in their wards Children’s education is executed better in a residential school than in a home environment.

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Reasons to consider boarding school Poor grades Motivation Learning issues When school becomes a distraction Change in peers Not able to find a social fit Shy or introvert kids Living in a antisocial environment Divorce of parents Death of a parent or sibling Parents having communication issues with children Hostile and unsafe environment Unrealistic expectations

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Honing Special talents at boarding schools Athletics Dance Theatre Music Fine arts Learning differences Cannot read at grade level Remediation Learning style Psycho- ed evaluation Consider boarding for adult and teacher access. Spending sufficient time with teachers and advisors. Know the learning style to select the one best suited for the child.

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Boarding school is a place where pupils study and live in the campus during their school years with fellow students and teachers or administrators. The boarding here is used in the same sense as Bed and board meaning loading and meals. School selection should include Size Geography Academically suitable Extracurricular and special offerings The right place for specific college goals

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Types of boarding schools are: Boys only Girls only Military Juniors Arts Traditional co-ed Gone are the days when boarding schools are considered to be only for bad kids or rich kids. Boarding schools do not cost too much and the net cost is comparable to any private school. Boarding school is a family, here children make friends very soon.

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