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International schools in Chennai promote international curriculum that is taught in a world class ambience. Our school supports students from diverse background and culture.


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International schools in Chennai :

CHENNAI PUBLIC SCHOOL International schools in Chennai

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International schools in Chennai are burgeoning at a quick rate. There are many advantages to learning at international school. International curriculum is globally recognized like International Baccalaureate and Cambridge A level examination. It gives a winning edge to your child. Global cultural exposure with multicultural classrooms. The students are exposed to various lifestyles and cultures. Te global exposure is not available in local schools.

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Focus on extracurricular activities is high in international schools. Sports, talent shows and dramatics are proving to have a greater impact on the students giving them a holistic development. Enjoy global cuisine at international schools. Their cafeteria is an amalgamation of varied cuisines. Get ready to unleash your taste buds. Expats living in India can now feel at home by enjoying their local cuisine everyday.

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Give your child a head start with global education. The foundation of your child’s education is strong as they learn and grow to become global citizens of tomorrow. Children grow in a competition environment giving them an edge over others. International schools provide a diverse learning environment with state of the art infrastructure and global teaching methodologies.

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Types of International schools There are 3 types of schools Department of Defense ( DoD ) International schools American British French German Truly international schools International Baccalaureate 3 IB Programs Primary Year Programme – 3 to 12 years Middle Year Proggramme – 11 to 16 years Diploma Programme - 16 to 19 years National curriculum

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Challenges faced by international schools Asses the needs of diverse population through Foreign language section Pro western bias evaluated Overcoming cultural sensitivities The goal of education is to reflect the aspirations of the society and take care of its current needs. Quality in education can be described as meeting, delighting and exceeding customer expectation by recognizing their needs.

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