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Chennai Public School, the preeminent Pre School Chennai understands the ways initial years shape the thought processes of children. It helps kids learn languages and sensory skills using play-way method.


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Defining Pre School in Chennai Early childhood teachers have a difficult job on hand. There get ready to prepare the young minds for new opportunities as they get ready to embark on their academic careers. Formal learning is crucial in the life of a child. Studies have proved that some form of education is necessary whether formal or informal setting to prepare the child for traditional schooling. The children are equipped to learn, behave and prepare for the overall growth and development.

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Pre-school offers early childhood education for children between the age of 3 and 5 years. It is provided prior to the commencement of primary education. It is also known as nursery school, pre-primary or Kindergarten. It consists of nursery, LKG and UKG. Pre School essential as it promotes physical development and inculcate qualities like team work, mental development and self help. It develops motor and cognitive skills in a child.

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Objective of pre school The primary objective is to develop confidence in the child to help them enjoy creative tasks and take simple decisions. The curriculum gives importance to various aspects of development. It provides Self development Use of daily tools like brush, scissors, etc Basic arithmetic’s and language Exploring activities like running and allied sports

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Types of pre-school Montessori Curriculum is integrated thematic approach and ties subjects with physical universe, human experience and world of nature. It is international in scope and are designed to assist children with developmental disabilities. Highscope method focuses on doers and problem solvers where teachers and parent are part of their children’s discovers and guiding process.

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Playway Method is not like Montessori. It is not structured and focuses on best practices from across the globe with emphasis on physical activities like role play, music, crafts, stories and movement. Waldorf Method deals with greater responsibility of reading, writing and arithmetic. Here children are taught the importance of social responsibility, respect, peace and compassion. It encourages a child to follow the same teacher throughout their primary grades.

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Chennai Public School TH Road, SH 50, Thirumazhisai Chennai-600 124 T: 044 2681 2444, 2681 2424, 2681 2423 M: +91 87545 92477 E: Visit Us:

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