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Chemtex Speciality Limited is India's one of the leading company for providing complete range of plant maintenance and treatment solution through high performance speciality chemicals. Based in the country’s biggest eastern sea port, Kolkata, Chemtex Speciality Limited have been supplying to all over the globe since 1970. CSL has a considerable market share in India’s speciality chemicals Industry. Our operations extends to a wide range of business sectors like retail, exports and manufacturing concerns for their warehouse and dispatch management.


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Manufacturer & Supplier of Chemical Products

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About Us Established 1970, at Kolkata An ISO 9001:2008 certified company Stringent quality tests Ultra modern manufacturing plants Ethical & transparency business practices Cater to Atomic Energy, Pharmaceuticals & others industries

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Why Us? World class quality standards Competitive & faire prices Advanced mechanical supports Controlled by various safety parameter Wide distribution networks Backed by supportive workforce

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Product Corrosion & Acid Corrosion Inihibitor ( Rodine ) Antiscalants , Biocides & Microbiocides Descalant & Passivating , PCM, Eutectic & Glycol Brine Solution Dispersants / Biodisperants , Cleaners & Disinfectants Industrial Water Treatment & Air Conditioning Chemicals

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Corrosion & Acid Corrosion Inihibitor ( Rodine ) Cooling Water Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Boiler Condensate Line Corrosion Inhibitor Boiler Water pH Booster / Alkalinity Builder Boiler Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger Closed Loop Chiller / Hot Water Nitrite Corrosion Inhibitor Sulfuric Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

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Antiscalants , Biocides & Microbiocides Cooling Tower Water Antiscalants RO Membrane Antiscalants RO Membrane High Silica Water Antiscalants Boiler Antiscalant Sludge Conditioner Cooling Tower Water Biocides or Algaecide RO Membrane Disinfectant Biocide

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Descalant & Passivating , PCM, Eutectic & Glycol Brine Solutions Heat Exchanger Descaling Chemical Phe Descalant Ro Membrane Descalant Cleaner Inhibited Sulfamic Acid Boiler Descalant Boiler Online Sludge Conditioner Descalant Inhibited Glycol Antifreze Engine / Industrial Coolant

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Dispersants / Biodisperants , Cleaners & Disinfectants Clay, Silt & Scale Dispersants Cooling Water Biodisperants Multipurpose Neutral Liquid Cleaner Cip Cleaner Detergents Bottle Washing & Cleaning Chemical Additive Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser Cleaner Cum De Carbonizer

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Industrial Water Treatment & Air Conditioning Chemicals Phosphonate & Polymber Based Chelants & Sequestrants Poly Electrolyte / Acryl amide Based Flocculants & Coagulants Coil Cleaner Refrigerant Line Flushing Solvent Condenser Descalants

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Contact Us Chemtex Speciality Limited Mr. Shubham Karnani Chemtex House, 33 Brabourne Road, Kolkata West Bengal-700001, India

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