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Digital Storytelling:

Digital Storytelling By Chelsea Sutphin

What is Digital Storytelling?:

What is Digital Storytelling? - The practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. -Other terms include digital documentaries, computer-based narratives, electric memoirs and interactive story-telling.


About Digital Storytelling -Most stories focus on a specific topic and point of view. -Most digital stories used in education last anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes. -Contains a mixture of images, text, audio narration, video clips and music. -Digital storytelling can be used cross curriculum.


The History of Digital Storytelling -In the early 1990’s, Joe Lambert co-founded of the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) a non-profit organization in Berkeley, CA -The CDS assist people in creating personal narratives using a combination of writing and media tools. - The use of digital storytelling is being practiced from primary classrooms all the way to graduate schools to express a variety of topics.


An Instructional Tool -Teachers can use digital stories to present an abstract concept in a more understandable way. -The use of images, audio and video elements while introducing difficult material, students are more likely to retain the information. -They can also be used to enhance lessons and facilitate discussion.


A Learning Tool -Digital stories can be used to facilitate student creativity. -After seeing examples, students can create their own Digital stories. -This includes choosing a topic and point of view, then researching that topic to form an accurate story. -The stories can be published online so students gain valuable experiences critiquing their own and other’s work.


7 Elements of Digital Storytelling Point of View A Dramatic Question Emotional Content The Gift of Your Voice The Power of the Soundtrack Economy Pacing


Useful Websites -http:// /: this site allows students to create storyboards and digital stories. -http :// Ways : this wiki walks you through a variety of methods of creating a digital story. / : this site can be used for four-dimensional digital storytelling


Ipad Applications -Shadow Puppet: this app can be used by students of any age to easily create digital stories. -Book Writer: this ipad app can be used to create digital story books using a variety of videos and pictures.


In Conclusion Digital Storytelling is an excellent education tool. From teacher instruction to student learning, digital storytelling can expand a students’ creative knowledge. I think that this method of instruction is important because the whole world is going technological, so we have to gear are students in that pathway and make them tech savvy.


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