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Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries:

Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries PHLT 603 Module 12

Chronic Diseases:

Chronic Diseases Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide WHO data projects increases in deaths from chronic disease in developing countries up to 2030 Chronic diseases currently account for 60% of all deaths and 43% of the global burden of disease (WHO)

Leading causes of death in low-income countries:

Leading causes of death in low-income countries

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD):

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Ischemic heart disease (IHD) Stroke Risk Factors: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, alcohol use


Diabetes Type 2 diabetes becoming more prevalent among the poor Currently affects 285 million people worldwide


Cancer 72% of cancer deaths occurred in low and middle income countries in 2008 Cancer generally has a lower incidence rate in developing countries, but a much lower survival rate Most common cancers in developing nations: Cervical and Liver

Eight Myths of Chronic Disease Burden and control (Yach, 2012):

Eight Myths of Chronic Disease Burden and control ( Yach , 2012) Myth 1: We can wait until infectious diseases are controlled Myth 2: Economic growth will improve all health conditions Myth 3: Chronic diseases are diseases of affluence Myth 4: Chronic diseases are diseases of the elderly Myth 5: Chronic diseases result from freely adopted risks Myth 6: Benefits of chronic disease control accrue only to individuals Myth 7: Acute, infectious disease models are applicable to chronic diseases Myth 8: Treating individuals in the health sector is the only appropriate chronic disease strategy

Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions How does urbanization in developing countries affect the trend of chronic disease rates? What do you think is the best approach to tackle the increasing rates of chronic diseases in developing nations when they are still the leading causes of death in first world countries?


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