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TH 1 RTEEN R 3 ASONS WHY A Novel By Jay Asher

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What would you do if you received a box of 7 cassette tapes in the mail with no return address?

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What if you also received a map of your town with certain places marked off with red stars?

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What if these items were from your crush at school?

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But what if that same very girl is DEAD ?

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This is exactly what happened to Clay Jensen, a high school student and classmate of Hannah Baker.

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Hannah’s voice is the one he hears on the tapes, but she is also the girl who committed suicide two weeks earlier.

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And now, Clay is one of the thirteen people that the tapes get sent to. He finds out the thirteen reasons why Hannah did what she did.

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Two simple rules are given to Clay while he listens to the tapes. He wanders around town listening to a voice he never thought he’d hear again.

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Rumors, made-up lists, and false reputations are all part of the snowball effect caused by the thirteen people that made Hannah take her own life. “Best Ass in the Freshman Class” “She did ‘that’ with ‘him’ at the park!?”

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Clay came into Hannah’s story on tape 9. In the midst of all these thirteen people and reasons why, Clay’s story was different though. But how so?

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Hannah could only handle so much. She thought there was no more hope. Once certain situations happened, she made up her mind. She knew she was going to commit suicide.

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Hannah Baker’s story unfolds on these tapes. It killed Clay to keep listening to these stories, but he had to know. This is how Clay and others in his school found out the thirteen reasons why.

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"A brilliant and mesmerizing debut from a talented new author." - Kirkus Reviews , starred review "A stealthy hit with staying power... thrillerlike pacing." - The New York Times "Eerie, beautiful, and devastating." - Chicago Tribune

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