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When purchasing cookware and bakeware, investing in quality will pay its dividends in everything you make. Cooking equipment is, of course, the backbone of food preparation and quality equipment can last decades. The best pots and pans, cookware, and bakeware make it possible to cook and bake everything from the healthiest staples to the most delicious and decadent treats. CHEFS Catalog has everything a home chef or professional cook needs to make amazing dishes. Learn more at, visit https://www.chefscatalog.com/shop/bakeware.html


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Test Out These Incredible Recipes from CHEFS Catalog Within the culinary industry CHEFS Catalog is widely known for providing a massive selecton of appliances cookware bakeware cutlery and a variety of other kitchen tools and accessories. Basically if you need something for your kitchen from a pots and pans set to a spatula CHEFS Catalog has it. What even those who are otherwise familiar with CHEFS Catalog may not know however is that CHEFS Catalog also features another considerable culinary resource—an incredible selecton of delicious recipes. So now when you pick up the best cooking equipment from CHEFS Catalog you’ll also have some unforgetable meals sides and desserts to prepare with them. You can browse the complete recipes via CHEFS Catalog’s “CHEFS Board” recipe blog. Here are three partcularly tasty recipes to consider whipping up the next tme you’re in the kitchen. Chicago-Style Italian Slow-Cooked Beef Sandwich This slow-cooked beef sandwich manages to combine the casual satsfacton of a great sandwich with the tender beef and taste profles of a high-end bistro. Afer being rubbed with an Italian onion and garlic-based seasoning mixture the beef is slow-cooked for eight hours with garlic a litle buter and white wine vinegar tomato paste and beef stock. The result is a savory beef sandwich that’s fall-apart tender. The rolls are briefy toasted and then dipped in the broth before being loaded up with a generous serving of beef.

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Air Fried Goat Cheese and Fig Jam Wontons If you’re looking for a delicious snack appetzer or hors d’oeuvre that looks and tastes like it required a copper cookware set blowtorch fnishing and culinary genius but actually just needs about an hour a hand mixer and an air fryer this wonton recipe is for you. The wonton flling is a blend of cream cheese sofened goat cheese half and half and a touch of black pepper. Dollops of that mixture are piped onto each wonton and topped with fg jam before the wonton is closed. An egg wash and a dab of canola oil are applied to the wontons with a pastry brush and they’re cooked in an air fryer for about 4-5 minutes. Drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon they are ready to serve and delight both yourself and any guests lucky enough to be invited over. Watermelon-Tequila Popsicles Now that you’ve got your goat cheese and fg jam wontons for an appetzer and Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches all that’s lef is dessert and an afer-meal cocktail. Or… you could wipe of your santoku knife slice up some limes and bring out some tequila for these refreshing watermelon-tequila popsicles. Although you should probably do so earlier in the day as the popsicles take 4-6 hours to freeze. The recipe is a combinaton of watermelon juice sugar lime juice and lime wheels and most importantly tequila and an orange-favored liqueur. Combined simmered and poured into a popsicle mold these popsicles are the perfect summertme treat for the adults at your party. For the most delicious recipes and everything you’ll need to prepare them visit CHEFS Catalog at htps://www.chefscatalog.com

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