CHEFS Catalog Offers the Best Selection of High-Quality Culinary Knive

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Knives are by far the most important food-preparation tool in any chef’s kitchen. That’s why high-quality, sharp, and durable knife sets are so important. And, as so many members of the professional (and amateur) cooking world are already aware, the best place for high-quality knife sets is CHEFS Catalog.Their knife sets ensure that food prep is quick, safe, and efficient and their offerings include knife sets from Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Cangshan, and a whole lot more.


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CHEFS Catalog Offers the Best Selection of High-Quality Culinary Knives Knives are the most essential food-preparation tool in a chef’s arsenal whether you’re a home chef or running a restaurant. It’s one of the reasons why quality dependable knives are so important. And while possessing several dozen knives of every shape use description and specialization aren’t necessary to prepare great food a set of high-quality knives really is a must. And the best place to go for reliable culinary knives is CHEFS Catalog. What follows are a few of the excellent knives available from CHEFS Catalog a trusted provider of everything from chef knives to saute pans since 1979. A Wusthof KnifeSet There are two centers of historical bladesmithing in Europe that for centuries have set the standard for knife- and sword- making in the West. Those are Toledo in Spain and Solingen in Germany. There are two primary culinary knife-making firms in Solingen. One of them has gained a reputation for rigorous family-run oversight of the production process perfectly balanced blades that keep an edge beautifully and an all-around incredible product favored by professional chefs around the world: Wusthof. You simply can’t go wrong with a set of Wusthof knives from CHEFS Catalog. Ceramic Knives Ceramic knives can be somewhat controversial as some chefs swear by them while others prefer steel knives. Regardless it’s hard to imagine a home or professional chef who wouldn’t benefit from having both ceramic and steel knives in their knife sets. For one because of their

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physical characteristics ceramic knives are naturally at least as sharp as steel and some even keep their edge 10 times longer. Ceramic knives also benefit from being light and rust-proof while not corroding like traditional steel knives sometimes do. Santoku Knives There is an increasingly popular style of knife sweeping the Western culinary world it’s been a staple of Japanese cooking for a long time. That is the santoku knife. A santoku knife is something like the combination of a chef’s knife and a cleaver making it an incredibly sturdy and versatile addition to any chef’s inventory. The key to its specialization lies in its name santoku which means the “three uses” or “three virtues” in Japanese. Those uses are meat fish and vegetables. Among other popular Japanese knives is the nakiri knife which has been trending for the past year. Nakiri knives are excellent for cutting vegetables particularly the leafy variety. Go from good to gourmet with CHEFS Catalog and the best culinary equipment in the business at

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