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Introduction: Soups are served all over the world, and they are wonderful time-savers and appetite satisfiers. Soup may be served as an appetizer, to stimulate the appetite, or it may be served as the main dish of the meal. If the soup to be served is a hot soup, it must be served piping hot . If it is to be a cold soup, it must be served icy cold .

There are two main types of soups::

There are two main types of soups: Soups made from meat stock . Meat stock is a broth made by cooking meat with water and it requires long, slow cooking. Beef, veal, lamb or chicken can be cooked separately or in combinations. Bouillon is a clear soup made from lean beef. Consomme is a clear soup made from two or three kinds of meat (beef-veal-chicken)

There are two main types of soups::

There are two main types of soups: Soups made without meat stock and milk or cream . These soups are called cream soups and have for their basis white sauce. They are made by combining thin white sauce with cooked, mashed or strained vegetable, fish or meat pulp. Bisques are cream soups made with thin white sauce, with fish added or vegetable stock. Chowders are cream soups with pieces of different vegetables, or of fish and potatoes and various seasonings.

Market forms of soups: :

Market forms of soups : Canned soups Dried soups Frozen soups Concentrated soups

Food Value :

Food Value Clear soups are made from stock and have little food value. They are water -- flavored with meat extracts and seasonings. These soups are served at the beginning of the meal to stimulate the appetite, or in the invalid’s diet to provide some nourishment in a form which is easily digested. Cream soups are made from milk or cream and contain all of the food nutrients: Proteins and vitamins from the milk. Minerals and vitamins from the vegetables. Carbohydrates from the thickening agent. Fat from the fat used in the white sauce. These are practically all of the body’s requirements in one dish. They fill you up. The food value of soup is also increased by the crackers and bread served with it.


METHOD OF SERVING SOUP Soup dishes are always deep. Soup plates are used for dinner soup. Soup bowls and cups are used for luncheon soups. Set soup dishes on a plate slightly larger than the soup dish. A soup spoon is smaller that a tablespoon and larger that a teaspoon. Bouillon spoons are small round-bowled spoons. In using a soup spoon, dip the spoon away from you. Take the soup silently with the lips from the side of the spoon and not the tip. Do not leave spoon in soup dish. When not using it, place on the plate. When soup is served in a bouillon cup it is customary to take a few spoonfuls and then it is permissible to set the spoon on the plate, and drink the remainder of the soup from the cup. It is permissible to put two or three pieces of crackers or toast on top of soup. NEVER crumble crackers or toast in your soup and then stir it.


GARNISHES FOR SOUPS Croutons - both as a garnish and accompaniment. Grated cheese - sprinkle over top of soup. Thin slices of frankfurters - float on top of soup. Bits of crisp bacon - sprinkle over top of soup. Pop corn - float on top of soup. Parsley, chives, or watercress - cut very finely and sprinkle over top of soup.


QUIZ: There are two main types of soups depending on the main ingredients used. a. Soups made from __________ or liquid from cooked beef, poultry, fish or vegetables. b. Soups made from __________ or __________ are thickened.


QUIZ: Soups served as the main course are called the ________________. They contain all of the body’s requirements in one dish and are generally filling. Soups served at the first of the meal are called an ____________ and are generally used to__________________. They generally contain less food value.



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